Graduates and Faculty!!

The Department of Philosophy is proud of all its graduates.
Go out and make a difference in the world!!

Eric Cabato
Jessyca Cabral
Sarah Denning
Garrett Geiger
Francine Kaniho
Eri Kitajima
Maxwell Lachance
Antonio Ledesma
Wen Lin
Ethan McArdle
Lisa Nakamura
Jeremy Terrazas

And new PhD: Brandon Underwood with a dissertation on
“A Strange Indifference: The Metaphysics and Politics of Boredom.”

Also, congratulations to all prize winners and awardees this semester!! Way to go!!

Eric Cabato (2021 Winner of the David Hall Prize for best undergraduate essay). Presented on “Sincere Self-Care in the Face of Self-Resentment” at the Uehiro Graduate Conference (April 16-17, 2021).

Thomas Schmidt (2021 Winner of the Keith Whittingslow Prize for best graduate essay). Presented on “A Transcendental Reading of the Mūlamadhyamakakārikā” (March,12, 2021).

Michael Dufresne (2021 Winner of the Eliot Deutsch PhD Merit Award for best PhD proposal defense). Presented on “Clinging to the Bridge: A Philosophical Exploration of the Aesthetics of Wang Guowei” (April 23, 2021).

Dr. Masato Ishida, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Center for Okinawan Studies (2021 Recipient of CALL Excellence in Teaching Award).

Dr. Thomas Jackson, Full Specialist and Director of the Uehiro Academy for Philosophy and Ethics in Education (2021 Recipient of the Robert W. Clopton Award for Distinguished Community Service).