Completed Dissertations and Placement by Year

The Department has maintained an excellent placement record over the past decade. Placement records are provided from 2004. All dissertations completed in the Department are included in the list below. Additions or revisions are appreciated. If your information is missing, outdated, or mistaken, please contact to suggest changes.

Michael Dufresne
“The Worlds of Wang Guowei: A Philosophical Case Study of Coloniality”
Chair: Franklin Perkins
Placement: on the job market


Elijah Byrnes
“Living Death: Exhuming the Politics of Death and Remembrance in Arendt”
Chair: Masato Ishida
Placement: Writer
Benjamin Hoffman
“The Concept of Ekstasis in the Modern Japanese Philosophy of Nishitani Keiji”
Chair: Steve Odin
Placement: Assistant Researcher, Columbia Psychiatry/NYSPI


Lisa Widdison
“The Epistemic Value of Aestheticized Emotions:  Wonder, Pathos and Comedy in Aesthetic Experience”
Chair: Vrinda Dalmiya
Placement: Lecturer, University of Hawai’i at West O’ahu

Brandon Underwood
“A Strange Indifference: The Metaphysics and Politics of Boredom”
Chair: Franklin Perkins
Placement: Lecturer, Vanderbilt University



Matthew Izor
“Nishida Kitaro and Evolution: The Experiential Ecology of Emergent Form”
Chair: Masato Ishida
Placement: Lecturer, Utah Valley University

Joshua Mandelstam
“A Case for the ‘Fractal Self’: The Scope of Moral Consideration as Influenced by Personal Identity”
Chair: Tamara Albertini
Placement: Lecturer, University of Hawai’i at West O’ahu


Andrew Soh
“Weiziran and Aloha ‘Aina: Place, Identity and Ethics of the Environment”
Co-Chair: Roger T. Ames
Co-Chair: Franklin T. Perkins
Placement: Lecturer, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines


Jing Liu
“Nature Naturing: Ziran in Early Daoist Thinking”
Co-Chair: Roger T. Ames
Co-Chair: Franklin T. Perkins
Placement: Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Sun Yat-sen University

Sydney Morrow
“A Comparative Study of ‘Existential Destitution’ in Pre-Qin Chinese Philosophy and Karl Jaspers in the Context of Homelessness in Hawai’i”
Co-Chair: Tamara Albertini
Co-Chair: Roger T. Ames
Placement: Assistant Professor (tenure track) Department of Humanities and Philosophy,  University of Central Oklahoma

Amit Chaturvedi
“Concepts, Attention, and the Contents of Conscious Visual Experience”
Chair: Arindam Chakrabarti
Placement: Assistant Professor (tenure track) Department of Philosophy University of Hong Kong

Joseph Harroff
“Resolute Agency in Confucian Role Ethics”
Chair: Roger T. Ames
Placement: Lecturer Department of Religion and Philosophy Temple University

Jarrod Brown
“The Metaphysics of Similarity and Analogical Reasoning”
Chair: Arindam Chakrabarti
Placement: Assistant Professor of Philosophy (tenure track) Philosophy Department Berea College

Benjamin Zenk
“The Paradox of Philosophical Disagreement: A Study of Nagarjuna, Haribhadra, and Gadamer” 
Chair: Arindam Chakrabarti
Placement: Instructor of Management College of Business and Economics and Lecturer, Department of Philosophy at the University of Hawai’i at Hilo, & Lecturer in Philosophy
Hawaii Community College

Joshua Stoll
“The You-Turn in Philosophy of Mind: On the Significance of Experiences That Are Not Mine”
Chair: Arindam Chakrabarti
Placement:  Lecturer, University of Hawai‘i at West Oahu


Kevin P. Maroufkhani
Being As/For Another: Selfhood and the Metaphysics of Altruistic Ethics”
Chair: Arindam Chakrabarti
Placement: Associate Faculty (tenure track) Dept. of Humanities Saddleback College

Cynthia Scheopner
“Refocusing Religious Expercise: A Philosophical Examination of the Intersection of Religion and Law in the United States” 
Chair: Tamara Albertini
Placement: Director, Research Compliance and Scholarship, College of Social Sciences University of Hawai’i

Rika Dunlap

“The Diversity of Hope: Philosophical Theories in East and West” 
Chair: Steve Odin
Placement: Assistant Professor of Philosophy (tenure track), Department of Philosophy, Mount St. Mary’s University

Ana Laura Funes Maderey

“Philosophy of Mind as a Philosophy of Body: A Comparative Discussion on Introspective Proprioception and the Subtle Dimensions of Bodily Self-Awareness in Samkhya-Yoga, Advaita Vedanta and Kasmir Saivism” 
Chair: Arindam Chakrabarti
Placement: Assistant Professor of Philosophy (tenure track) Dept. of Political Science, Philosophy, and Geography Eastern Connecticut State University

Ian Sullivan

“The Ethics of Vital Relationality”
Chair: Roger Ames
Placement: Assistant Professor of Philosophy (tenure track) Historlcal & Political Studies
Arcadia University

Kuan-Hung Chen

“Knowledge and Conduct: Zhi and Epistemic Landscape in the Xunzi”
Co-Chair: Roger T. Ames
Co-Chair: Vrinda Dalmiya
Placement: Assistant Professor (tenure track) Philosophy Department Kapiolani Community College

Karuna Joshi-Peters

“Knowing Trust: Towards an Ecology of Trust” 
Co-Chair: Ron Bontekoe
Co-Chair: Vrinda Dalmiya
Placement: Psychologist, Self-Employed

Julia Morgan

“Mālama ‘Āina, Kalo, and Ho’opili: Growing a Third-Way Environmental Relationship
Chairs: Vrinda Dalmiya and Jon Osorio
Placement: Assistant Professor of Philosophy (tenure-track) Mercyhurst University

Mei-Lin Chinn

Listening into the Distance
Chair: Roger T. Ames
Placement: Assistant Professor of Philosophy (tenure track) Santa Clara University

Amjol Shrestha

Our Knowledge of Universals: A Case for Perceiving Immanent Universals
Chair: Arindam Chakrabarti
Placement: Adjunct Professor, Penn State University

Laura Specker Sullivan

Justifying Ethical Claims Across Cultures: Global Bioethics and Informed Consent in the U.S. and Japan
Chair: Kenneth Kipnis
Placement: Assistant Professor of Philosophy (tenure track) College of Charleston

Joshua Mason

Justice and Harmony as Complementary Ideals: Reconciling the Right and the Good through Comparative Philosophy
Chair: Roger T. Ames
Placement: Assistant Professor (tenure track) Loyola Marymount University

Aaron Creller

Making Space for Knowing: A Capacious Alternative to Propositional Knowledge
Chair: Roger T. Ames
Placement: Assistant Professor (tenure track) Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies University of South Florida

David Falgout

What Those Repeated Actions Tell Us: Reflections Toward a Comparative Phenomenological Hermeneutics of Religious Rituals
Chair: Tamara Albertini
Placement: Lecturer, University of Hawaii, Department of Religion & Lecturer Department of English and applied Linguistics, Hawaii Pacific University

Itsuki Hayashi

Rehabilitating Momentariness: A Critical Revision of the Buddhist Doctrine of Momentariness
 Steve Odin
Placement: on the academic job market

Timothy Simard

Dialogical Ethics
 Steve Odin
Placement: on the academic job market

Thorian Harris

Bringing the Sage Back Home: Confucianism as Exemplar-Based Ethics
 Roger Ames
Placement: University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Carl M. Johnson

Watsuji Tetsuro and the Subject of Aesthetics
Steve Odin
Placement: Web Developer at The Atlantic

Richard Power

Confucian Insights for Gianni Vattimo’s Secularized Religiousness
Chung-ying Cheng
Placement: on the academic job market

Andrew Lambert

What Friendship Tells Us About Morality: A Confucian Ethics of Personal Relationships
Roger T. Ames
Arindam Chakrabarti
Placement: CUNY Staten Island

Nick Brasovan

Person-in-the-World: A Neo-Confucian Ecological Humanism
Roger T. Ames
Chung-ying Cheng
Placement: Assistant Professor, Univ. of Central Arkansas, Conway, AR

Jeremy Henkel

The Responsibilities of Truthfulness: An Inquiry into the Ethics of Speaking
Chair: Arindam Chakrabarti
Placement: Assistant Professor, Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC

Geoffrey R. Ashton

The Theater of Agency: A Critical Comparative Approach to Indian Aesthetics of Morals
Chair: Arindam Chakrabarti
Placement: Assistant Professor, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO

Amy Donahue

Exclusion, Violence, Reference: A Poststructuralist Reading of the Classical Nyāya and Buddhist Prāmana Debates
Co-Chair: Mary Tiles
Co-chair: Ronald Bontekoe
Placement: Assistant Professor, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA

Sarah A. Mattice

The Significance of Metaphor in Metaphilosophy: A Philosophical Activity as Combat, Play, and Aesthetic Experience
Co-chair: Roger T. Ames
Co-chair: Vrinda Dalmiya
Placement: Assistant Professor, Univ. of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL

William K. Akina

Classical Confucianism as a Vision for the Exemplary Treatment of Persons: A Contribution to the East-West Discourse on Human Rights
Chair: Chung-ying Cheng
Placement: on the academic job market

Alejandro Barcenas Pardo

The Political Philosophy of Han Fei and Niccolo Machiavelli: A Historicist Reinterpretation
Co-Chair: Roger T. Ames
Co-Chair: Tamara Albertini
Placement:Senior Lecturer, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX

Alexandria Ham

Seeing-As and Reading-In: An Inquiry into Imagination and Meaning in Aesthetics
Chair: Arindam Chakrabarti
Placement: on the academic job market

Leah E. Kalmanson

The Politics of Emptiness: Alterity, Autonomy, and the Radical Subjectivity of No-Self
Chair: Vrinda Dalmiya
Placement: Associate Professor and Bhagwan Adinath Professor of Jaina Studies, University of North Texas

Benjamin Lukey

Mental Disability and Moral Personhood: Rethinking Kant through the Cases of Down Syndrome, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Autism
Chair: Vrinda Dalmiya
Placement: Philosopher-in-Residence, Kailua High School, Kailua, HI

Ashby Butnor

Embodying Morality: A Pluralistic Approach to the Cultivation of Moral Perception and Action Through the Body
Chair: Vrinda Dalmiya
Placement: Assistant Professor, Metro State College of Denver, CO

Curtis Rigsby

Katsumi Takizawa’s Logic of Irreversibility: The Obverse Side of the Kyoto School
Chair: Steve Odin
Placement: Assistant Professor, University of Guam

Matthew Lopresti

Religious Pluralism in Analytic, Process and South Asian Philosophies of Religion
Chair: Steve Odin
Placement: Assistant Professor, Hawaii Pacific University

Jung-Yeup Kim

An Investigation of qi in the Philosophy of Zhang Zai
Chair: Roger T. Ames
Placement: Assistant Professor, Kent State University, Ohio

Eiho Baba

Property and Patterns: Bridging Zhu Xi’s Metaphysics of Li and the Si-Meng Tradition
Chair: Roger T. Ames
Placement: Assistant Professor, Furman University, SC

Lara Mitias

Knowledge, Reality, and Value of the Past
Chair: Arindam Chakrabarti
Placement: Assistant Professor, Miami University, Oxford, OH

Kyle Takaki

Framing Emotion: Concepts, Categories and Meta-Scientific Frameworks
Chair: Ronald Bontekoe
Placement: Lecturer, Kapiolani Community College, Honolulu

Chan Lee

Self-Cultivation, Moral Motivation and Moral Imagination – A Study of Zhu Xi’s Virtue Ethics
Chair: Chung-ying Cheng
Placement: Visiting scholar, UCLA Center for Korean Studies, CA

Hai-Ming Wen

Ars Contextualis: Confucian Pragmatism as the Art of Contextualizing Personal Experience and the World
Chair: Roger T. Ames
Placement: Associate Professor, Renmin University, Beijing, China

Paula Henderson

What’s the Point? Philosophical Issues in Geometry in Late Antiquity
Chair: James E. Tiles
Placement: Mechanic, US Army; formerly a math teacher; formerly a nun

James McRae

After Kohlberg: Virtue Ethics and Moral Cultivation in Existentialism and Japanese Philosophy
Chair: Graham Parkes
Placement: Assistant Professor, Westminster College, PA

Yih Jiun (Peter) Wong

The Religious Nature of Ancient Chinese Thought Appropriating a Sense of Religiousness for Classical Confucianism
Chair: Roger T. Ames
Placement: Lecturer, Melbourne University, Australia

Stephen M. Bein

Compassion and Moral Guidance
Chair: Graham R. Parkes
Placement: Lecturer, Rochester Community & Technical College, MN

Virginia Suddath

The Junzi Doth Protest: Toward a Philosophy of Remonstrance in Confucianism
Chair: Roger T. Ames
Placement: unknown

Brian Richardson

The Morality of Reading in a Digitizing World
Chair: James E. Tiles
Placement: Librarian, Hamilton Library at University of Hawai’i at Mānoa

Geir Sigurdsson

Learning and Li: The Confucian Process of Humanization Through Ritual Propriety
Chair: Roger T. Ames
Placement: Director of Center of Asian Studies, University of Iceland

Bradley Park

Ethics and Alterity: Moral Considerability and the Other
Chair: Graham Parkes
Placement: Associate Professor, St. Mary’s College, Maryland

Menaha Ganesathasan

The Kingdom within the Hut: Ethical Education and Story-Telling in the Yogavāsistha
Chair: Arindam Chakrabarti
Placement: unknown

Rohit Dalvi

One with Another: An Essay on Relations
Chair: Arindam Chakrabarti
Placement: Associate Professor, Brock University, Ontario, Canada

John Trowbridge

Skepticism and Pluralism: Ways of Living a Life of Awareness as Recommended by the Zhuangzi
Chair: Roger T. Ames
Placement: Asia Program Director, Hawaii Int’l Child, Inc., Honolulu

Brian Bruya

Aesthetic Spontaneity: A Theory of Action Based on Affective Responsiveness
Chair: Roger T. Ames
Placement: Associate Professor, Eastern Michigan University, MI

Matthew MacKenzie

Self-Awareness: Issues in Classical Indian and Contemporary Western Philosophy
Chair: Arindam Chakrabarti
Placement: Associate Professor, Colorado State University, CO

Deborah Kissinger

Renegotiating the Social Contract: From Hobbes to Rawls
Chair: Kenneth Kipnis

Florence Chan

Tradition, Self-Discipline, and Human Becoming: A Comparison of Nietzsche and Confucius
Chair: Roger T. Ames

Thomas B. Yos

Educating for Good Judgment
Chair: Eliot Deutsch

Kurtis Hagen

Confucian Constructivism: A Reconstruction and Application of the Philosophy of Xunzi
Chair: Roger T. Ames

John Dye

Defining Discourse: Language, Authority and Community in Ancient China and Greece
Chair: Roger T. Ames

James Behuniak

Mencius on Becoming Human
Chair: Roger T. Ames

Li-Hsiang Lee

Chinese Sexism and the Confucian Virtue of Familial Continuity
Chair: Mary Tiles

Sharon Thomas

Search for Place
Chair: Eliot Deutsch

Amy Olberding

The Stout Heart: Philosophical Strategies for Death and Grief
Chair: Roger T. Ames

Steven K. Coutinho

Dichotomies and Penumbrae: The Significance of Boundaries in Early Chinese Thinking
Chair: Roger T. Ames

Janghee Lee

The Autonomy of Xin and Ethical Theory in Xunzi
Chair: Roger T. Ames

Andrew R. Colvin

Patterns of Coherence in the Fa Yan of Yang Xiong
Chair: Roger T. Ames

Karma Lekshe Tsomo

Into the Jaws of Yama, Lord of Death: Death and Identity in China and Tibet
Chair: Eliot Deutsch

Brian Lundberg

Musical and Ritual Therapeutics in the Xuzi: The Psychological Dynamics of Crafting One’s Person
Chair: Graham R. Parkes

Jinmei Yuan

Can Aristotelian Logic be Translated into Chinese: Could There Be A Chinese Harry Stottlemeier?
Chair: Mary Tiles

Sor-Hoon Tan

Politics as Ethics in Classic Confucianism and Dewey’s Pragmatism
Chair: Roger T. Ames

Daniel J. Coyle

Guiguzi: On the Cosmological Axes of Chinese Persuasion
Chair: Roger T. Ames

Anuj A. Shah

On Imagining Being Someone Else
Chair: Eliot Deutsch

Marty H. Heitz

Distant Origins: Inscriptions of Life in Early Heidegger and the Zhuangzi
Chair: Graham R. Parkes

Wonsuk Chang

Time and Creativity in the Yijing
Chair: Chung-ying Cheng

Adrienne Cochran

The Interdependence of Embodied Epistemology and Aesthetic Participation
Chair: Eliot Deutsch

Yeoungyu Park

The Semeiosis of the Image Xiang: A Peircean Approach to the Yiching
Chair: Chung-ying Cheng

Sean E. Cridland

Of Nomads, Culture, and Nothingness: A Philosophical Approach to the Problem of Racism
Chair: Eliot Deutsch

Donald Garcia

The Laṅkāvatāra and Platform Sūtra: Contraries A Part and Polarities Together
Chair: Chung-ying Chen

Chaehyun Chong

Abstraction and Theories of Lei: A Response to Chad Hansen’s Mereological Interpretation of Ancient Chinese Philosophy
Chair: Chung-ying Cheng

Byung-Do Moon

An Inquiry into Mencius’ Moral Thinking: Two-Level Interpretation of Mencius’ Theory of Virtue and Moral Decision
Chair: Chung-ying Cheng

John Casey

Emptiness and Actuality: The Process Philosophy of Vasubandhu’s Yogācāra
Chair: Steve Odin

In-Sub Hur

An Analysis of the Different Way of Thinking of the Indian Yogācāra and the Chinese Fa-hsiang School
Chair: David J. Kalupahana

James A. Stroble

The Ethics of War and the Uses of War: An Essay in Philosophical Pacifism
Chair: Roger T. Ames

Russel T. Alfonso

Musical Understanding: Theory of Musical Description or Theory of Musical Perception?
Chair: Mary Tiles

Ramon R. Sewnath

The Ontological Status of the Transcendental Self: A Comparative Study of Kant and Śakara
Chair: Eliot Deutsch

Ronald C. Pine

Intelligent Inference and the Web of Belief: In Defense of a Post-Foundationalist Epistemology
Chair: Larry Laudan

Steven R. Walker

Individual Autonomy and the Family
Chair: Kenneth Kipnis

Michael J. McDonald

Towards a Contemporary Theodicy Based on Critical Review of John Hick, David Griffin and Sri Aurobindo
Chair: Eliot Deutsch

Ok-Sun An

A Study of Early Buddhist Ethics in Comparison with Classical Confucian Ethics
Chair: David H. Kalupahana

Sang-Im Lee

The Unity of the Virtues in Aristotle and Confucius
Chair: James E. Tiles

Timothy J. Freeman

Nietzsche’s Written and Painted Thoughts: Temptations of a Masked Philosopher
Chair: Graham R. Parkes

Carla L. Grady

A Buddhist Response to Modernization in Thailand (with Particular Reference to Conservationists for Forest Monks)
Chair: Roger T. Ames

Peter Hershock

The Interdependence of Enlightenment and Communication: Ch’an and the Re-Birth of Social Buddhism
Chair: David J. Kalupahana

Andrew Loo

The Chinese Sages as Communicative Actors
Chair: Roger T. Ames

Gregory P. Fields

Body and Health in Classical Yoga and Comparative Religious Therapeutics
Chair: K.N. Upadhyaya

Joanne Baldine

The Integrity of Technology: A Critical Investigation of Classical and Pragmatic Interpretations of Knowledge, Science and Technology
Chair: Irving M. Copi

Frank G. Avantaggio

Intrinsic Value of Species
Chair: Lenn E. Goodman

Cassandra L. Pinnick

Rationality Theory and the Strong Programme in the Sociology of Knowledge: A Critique
Chair: Larry Laudan

Henry G. Skaha

Getting Clear on Confucius: Pragmatic Naturalism as a Means of Philosophical Interpretation
Chair: Roger T. Ames

Asanga Tilakaratne

Transcendence, Ineffability and Nirvana: an Analysis of the Relation Between Religious Experience and Language According to Early Buddhism
Chair: David J. Kalupahana

Robin H. Fujikawa

Dogen and a Dimensionality Interpretation of Enlightenment
Chair: Roger T. Ames

Seung-Hwa Lee

Virtues and Rights: Reconstruction of Confucianism as a Rational Communitarianism
Chair: Chung-ying chen

Guy S. Axtell

Cognitive Values, Theory Choice, and Pluralism: On the Grounds and Implications of Philosophical Diversity
Chair: Lenn E. Goodman

Gailynn M. Williamson

The Application of the Principle of Equal Consideration of Interests to the Issue of Children’s Rights
Chair: Ken Kipnis

James D. Sellmann

Timeliness and Sociopolitical Order in the Lü-Shih Ch’un-Ch’iu
Chair: Roger T. Ames

David P. Putney

The Nature and Practice of Freedom: A Dialogue on Freedom and Determinism in Buddhist and Western Philosophy
Chair: David J. Kalupahana

Randall P. Peerenboom

Law and Morality in Ancient China: The Silk Manuscripts of Huang-Lao
Chair: Roger T. Ames

Mildred R. Payne

Logic and Aesthetics in Epistemology
Chair: Chung-ying Cheng

Michael W. Myers

Their Conceptual Sphere in Where the Cow Wanders: Metaphor and Model from Veda to Vedānta
Chair: K.N. Upadhyaya

Raymond J. Steiner

The Concept of Community in Bergson’s Philosophy of Religion
Chair: Eliot Deutsch

David Jones

Ariadne’s Complaint–Becoming of Being in Herakleitos, Chuang Tzu, & Nietzsche
Chair: Graham Parkes

Jesse C. Fleming

Chuang Tzu and the Problem of Personal Identity: A Study of Identity and Inter-relatedness
Chair: Chung-ying Cheng

Woo-Sung Huh

A Critical Exposition of Nishida’s Philosophy
Chair: Eliot S. Deutsch

Mohammad Abdeel

Underdetermination and Language: A Critique of Empiricist and Realist Views
Chair: Irving M. Copi

David M. Lockett

Übermensch, Arahant, and Chen Jen: Models for Overcoming the Crisis of Meaninglessness Through Self-Overcoming
Chair: Roger T. Ames

Chwen Jiuan (Agnes) Lee

The Paradigm of the True Human Being in Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu
Chair: Chung-ying Cheng

John P. Gregory

The Divining of the Middle Path: Bhāvaviveka and of the Pāramita Tradition
Chair: David J. Kalupahana

Lauren F. Pfister

On the Great Unity: A Study in Comparative Philosophy
Chair: Chung-ying Cheng

Kim R. Skoog

The Epistemological Status of Liberative Knowledge (with Special Reference to Advaita Vedānta)
Chair: K.N. Upadhyaya

In-Sing Leung

Method and Methodology in Confucianism
Chair: Chung-ying Cheng

Kwok K. Lau

On Unity in Complementarity of God and Mind–A Study of Creativity in Whitehead and T’ang Chün-i
Chair: Roger T. Ames

Michael K. Dudley

A Philosophical Analysis of Pre-European Contact Hawaiian Thought
Chair: Roger T. Ames

Kirill O. Thompson

An Inquiry into the Formation of Chu Hsi’s Moral Philosophy
Chair: Chung-ying Cheng

Shigenori Nagatomo

The Comparative Study of Body-Mind
Chair: Eliot Deutsch

Monte S. Hull

Mujo: The Japanese Understanding of and Engagement with Impermanence
Chair: Eliot Deutsch

Suwanna Wongwaisawayan

The Buddhist Concept of Ignorance: With Special Reference to Dōgen
Chair: Eliot Deutsch

Gerald Poliks

The Problem of Survival in the Philosophy of William James
Chair: David J. Kalupahana

Richard R. Vuylsteke

The Political Philosophy of Tung Chung-shu (179-104 B.C.): A Critical Exposition
Chair: Chung-ying Cheng

Sharon E. Rowe

Athletic Sport as an Experience of Survival: A Philosophical Analysis of Ritual and Symbolism in the Function and Values of Athletic Sport
Chair: Lenn E. Goodman

David K. Coe

Angst in Philosophy: An Inquiry into the Role of Angst in Contemporary Philosophical Thought
Chair: Winfield E. Nagley

Michael D. Bybee

Peirce’s and James’s Theories of Truth: A Critical Reformulation and Evaluation
Chair: Irving M. Copi

Michael Molloy

Earthly Mysticism: The Mystical Philosophy of Aldous Huxley
Chair: Winfield E. Nagley

Berit Mexia

The Meaning of Subjectivity in the Philosophy of Søren Kierkegaard
Chair: Winfield E. Nagley

Carl B. Becker

Survival: Death and After-life in Christianity, Buddhism, and Modern Science
Chair: Winfield E. Nagley

Muhammad Saleem

The Theory of Imagination in the Philosophy of David Hume
Chair: Winfield E. Nagley

Jeffrey D. Watts

Determinism and the Path to Freedom in Early Buddhism
Chair: David J. Kalupahana

David E. Shaner

The Bodymind Experience in Japanese Buddhism: A Phenomenological Perspective
Chair: Thomas P. Kasulis

Pahalawattage Premasiri

Moral Evaluation in Early Buddhism (from the Perspective of Western Philosophical Analysis)
Chair: Eliot Deutsch

Karen J. Lee
“Style and Human Being.”
Chair: Eliot Deutsch.

Ralph A. Morelli

An Examination of Recent Proposals in the Theory of Reference
Chair: Irving M. Copi

Thomas E. Jackson

Self and Value: A Critical Comparative Study of Śaṁkara and Sartre
Chair: Eliot Deutsch

Jae-ryong (Kwang-Woong) Shim

The Philosophical Foundation of Korean Zen Buddhism: The Integration of Son and Kyo by Chinul (1158-1210)
Chair: Thomas P. Kasulis

William M. Indich

The Advaitic Theory of Consciousness: A Critical Study (With Comparative Reference to Some Parallel Western Analyses)
Chair: K.N. Upadhyaya

Donald N. Blakeley

The Interpersonal Aspects of Eros in Plato’s Symposium
Chair: Winfield E. Nagley

Neal L. Chobot

Arobindo’s Concept of Spiritual Evolution: A Phenomenological Perspective
Chair: Eliot Deutsch

Robert G. Santee

Chuang Tzu: A Philosophy of Death
Chair: Winfield E. Nagley

Robert B. Zeuschner

A Critical Examination of the Philosophy of Shoen-hui
Chair: Beatrice T. Yamasaki

Daniel S. Goldenberg

A Comparative Analysis of Wittgenstein’s ‘Tractatus’ and Śakara’s Advaita Vedānta with an Introduction to the Logic of Comparative Methodology
Chair: K.N. Upadhyaya

Burke A. Townsend

The Comparability of Scientific Theories
Chair: Irving M. Copi

George D. Panisnick

The Philosophical Significance of the Concept of the Philosopher’s Stone as Used in Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus
Chair: Lenn E. Goodman

Phillip R. Fandozzi

The Heideggerian Perspective on Nihilism: A Critique of Modern Technology Through its Manifestations in Literature, Philosophy and Social Thought
Chair: Frederick L. Bender

Donald W. Mitchell

Rudolf Otto and a Philosophy of Religious Crisis
Chair: Harold E. McCarthy

Earle J. Coleman

Philosophy of Painting by Shih-t’ao, A Translation and an Exposition of his Hua-P’u (Treatise on the Philosophy of Painting)
Chair: Chung-yuan Cheng

Michael P. Bradie

Models and Scientific Realism
Chair: John A. Winnie

Satinder Nath Mahajan

A Comparative Study of the Main Theories of Justification of Political Authority
Chair: Eliot Deutsch

Donald Lee Stewart

Man and Fidelity: A Study of Marcel
Chair: Winfield E. Nagley

Ashok Kumar Malhotra

Nausea: An Expression of Sartre’s Existential Philosophy
Chair: Winfield E. Nagley

Kuang Tih Fan

Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Conception of Philosophy
Chair: Richard P. Haynes

Manikku Wadu Padmasiri De Silva

A Study of Motivational Theory in Early Buddhism with Reference to the Psychology of Freud
Chair: S.K. Saksena

John M. Koller

The Metaphysical Bases and Implications of Indian Social Ideals in Traditional India, Ghandi and Aurobindo
Chair: C. Moore