Uehiro Graduate Philosophy Conference

With generous support from the Uehiro Foundation on Ethics in Education, the Student Activity and Program Fee Board and the SEED IDEAS grant, the Philosophy Students’ Association has been able to organize “Cross Currents” – the Uehiro Graduate Philosophy Conference, which showcases exceptional work by graduate and advanced undergraduate students in comparative philosophy. Note that the comparative aspect need not be narrowly interpreted along the East-West dimension, as the conference welcomes high quality papers in any geographic, historical, cultural and disciplinary cross-section of philosophy.  Each year “Cross Currents” has at least one keynote speaker along with an additional special guest speaker, each presenting papers on issues in comparative philosophy.

Past conference topics have featured themes such as: 

  • 2006 – Navigating a Pluralistic World, with keynote speeches by Dr.Tamara Albertini and Dr. Vrinda Dalmiya 
  • 2007 – Comparative Philosophy for Today and Tomorrow, with a keynote speech by Dr. Mary Tiles 
  • 2008 – Crisis and Opportunity, with a keynote speech by Dr. Thomas Kasulis 
  • 2009 – The Love of Practical Wisdom, with keynotes by Dr. Eliot Deutsch and Dr. Ashok Malhotra 
  • 2010 – The Value of Difference, with keynotes by Dr. Chung-ying Cheng, Dr. Peter Hershock, and Dr. Suwanna Satha-Anand 
  • 2011 – Cross Currents, with keynotes by Dr. Carl Becker and by Dr. Sor-hoon Tan 
  • 2012 – Cross Currents, with keynotes by Dr. Karma Lekshe Tsomo, Dr. Masato Ishida, and a special opening speech by Dr. Carl Becker
  • 2013 – Cross Currents: A World in Discourse, with a keynote by Dr. Kathleen Higgins and special guest presentations by Dr. Ashok Malhotra and Dr. Rajam Ragunathan
  • 2014 – Cross Currents: Aesthetic Distributions, with keynote addresses by Dr. Joseph Tanke and Dr. Peng Feng
  • 2015 – Cross Currents: Place of Philosophy, Philosophy of Place, with keynote addresses by Dr. Yoko Arisaka and Dr. Shigenori Nagatomo 
  • 2016 – Cross Currents: Philosophy and Language, with keynote presentations by Dr. Mayuko Uehara, Dr. Jonardon Ganeri, and Dr. George Tsai
  • 2017 – Cross Currents: Philosophy at the Margins, with keynotes by Dr. Kazashi Nobuo and Dr. Franklin Perkins, and a special presentation by Sydney Morrow 

The theme of the upcoming 2018 edition is “Persons and Selves,” and it will feature a keynote by Dr. Mark Siderits and a special opening presentation by Dr. Mehdi Aminrazavi.

Cross Currents will explore how the metaphysics and ethics of personhood, self and identity are understood across cultural contexts. This subject includes, but is not limited to, conceptions and taxonomies of personal identity, self-knowledge, subjectivity, the metaphysics and formation of the self, comparative and cross-disciplinary perspectives on personhood, ethical issues in personhood, distinctions between individuality and community, and the relevance and value of identity in the contemporary world.

All submissions will be considered for publication in the Uehiro Conference Proceedings, published in the past by Cambridge Scholars Press.

For information about this year’s conference, please contact the conference organizers at uehiropc@hawaii.edu.