Policy and Procedures Information System
Policy and Procedures Information System

Archived Administrative Procedures

(Superseded and Abolished in October 2014)

Volume I - General (A1.000 - A7.000)

APM Number Description
A1.000 General Provisions-Land and Physical Facilities
A2.000 Administration
A3.000 Organization
A4.000 Planning
A5.000 Academic Affairs
A6.000 Tuition, Scholarships and Fees
A7.000 Student Affairs

Volume II - Business and Finance (A.8000)

Volume IIA (A8.000 - A8.5999)

APM Number Description
A8.000 - A8.099 Fiscal Management
A8.100 - A8.199 Budget
A8.200 - A8.299 Procurement
A8.300 - A8.349 Real Property
A8.350 - A8.399 Concessions
A8.400 - A8.449 Risk Management
A8.450 - A8.499 Records Management
A8.505 - A8.524 State Personal Property
A8.525 - A8.549 Federal Personal Property
A8.550 - A8.559 Capitalization
A8.560 - A8.569 Taxation
A8.570 - A8.579 Ticket Sales

Volume IIB (A8.6000 - A8.9999)

APM Number Description
A8.600 - A8.699 Accounting
A8.700 - A8.799 Treasury
A8.800 - A8.899 Disbursing
A8.900 - A8.999 Extramurally Funded Research and Non-Research Grants and Contracts


Volume III - Personnel (A9.000)

APM Number Description
  Collective Bargaining Disclaimer
A9.000 - A9.099 General
A9.100 - A9.159 Adverse Actions, Appeals, Hearings, and Grievances
A9.160 - A9.189 Career Management and Development
A9.190 - A9.319 Classification and Compensation
A9.320 - A9.349 Employee Relations and Working Conditions
A9.350 - A9.479 Leaves
A9.480 - A9.689 Recruitment, Selection, and Appointments
A9.690 - A9.779 Safety Welfare and Benefits
A9.780 - A9.859 Separation from Service
A9.860 - A9.889 Student Employment
A9.890 - A9.999 Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action

Volume IV - Applied Research Laboratory (A10.000)

APM Number Description
A10.000 - A10.999 Applied Research Laboratory

Administrative Procedures - Archives (Superseded Procedures)
Administrative Procedures - Abolishments
Administrative Procedures - Memos