Policy and Procedures Information System
Policy and Procedures Information System

A8.900 Extramurally Funded Research and Non-Research Grants and Contracts

APM Number Description Issue Date
A8.910 Procedures for the Preparation and Submission of Proposals to External Sponsors and the Review/Approval Requirements for Sponsored Agreements August 2012
A8.911 Procedures for Fringe Benefits Included in Proposal Budgets May 2013
A8.926 Administrative and Financial Management Requirements for Extramurally Financed Research and Training Programs/Activities of the University January 2013
A8.927 Facilities & Administrative Cost Charges in Contracts and Grants May 2013
A8.927 Attach. A Schedule of On-Campus Sites September 2013
A8.930 Service Orders to the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii December 2012
A8.930 Attach 1 Internal Service Order (S/O) Form April 2013
A8.931 Revolving Fund Service Orders to the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii November 2012
A8.931 Attach 1 Revolving Account Service Order Request October 2012
A8.931 Attach 1a Revolving Fund Certification October 2012
A8.947 Accounting for Cost Sharing June 2014
A8.948 Effort Reporting May 2013
A8.950 Vacation Credit Fund Transfers for Extramurally Funded Employees August 2013
A8.950 Attach 1 Calculation of Vacation Allowances August 2013
A8.951 Accounting for Federally Matching Equipment Grants  
A8.952 Advance Funding Accounts for Externally Financed Programs and Activities August 2012
A8.952 Attach A Advance Account Form April 2013
A8.952 Attach B Prior Approval Form August 2012
A8.954 Extramural Closeout Procedures June 2014
A8.955 Sub-recipient Monitoring February 2012
A8.955 Attach A Subrecipient Audit Information March 2011
A8.955 Attach B Federal Subrecipient Questionnaire March 2011
A8.956 Financial Conflicts of Interest (FCOI) for Public Health Services (PHS) Grants, Cooperative Agreements and Contract March 2013
A8.956 Attach A University of Hawai`i Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Form March 2013
A8.956 Attach B Significant Financial Interest Report March 2013