Policy and Procedures Information System
Policy and Procedures Information System

A7.000 Student Affairs

APM Number Description Issue Date
A7.011 Procedures for Concurrent Registration February, 1987
Abolished 7/31/01
A7.021 Procedure for Release of Student Biographical Data to Employers January, 1983
A7.022 Procedures Relating to Protection of the Educational Rights and Privacy of Students June, 2001
A7.023 Security Guidelines and Procedures: Student Information Management System (SIMS) August, 1998
Abolished 10/29/01


Form ID Description Issue Date
Appendix A University of Hawai'i Location of Educaion Records  
FERPA Form 1 Record of Requests for and Disclosure of Student Records (Appendix B) 1988
FERPA Form 2 University of Hawai'i Request by Student to Inspect Education Records (Appendix C) 1988
FERPA Form 3 University of Hawai'i Consent to Disclose Education Records to Third Party (Appendix D) 1988
FERPA Form 4 University of Hawai'i waiver of Access to Confidential Letters/Statements (Appendix E) 1988
FERPA Form 5 University of Hawai'i Request to Amend Education Records (Appendix F) 1988
FERPA Form 6 University of Hawai'i Response to Student Request to Amend Education Records by the Creator of the Document (Appendix G) 1988
FERPA Form 7 University of Hawai'i Request for Hearing (Appendix H) 1988
Appendix I Procedural Guidelines Related to Subpoenas for Student Education Records Issued by State of Hawai'i or Federal Courts  
FERPA Form 8 Subpoena Processing Checklist  
FERPA Form 9 University of Hawai'i Notification of Subpoenaed Records