Policy and Procedures Information System
Policy and Procedures Information System


APM Number Description Issue Date
A8.525 Federal Personal Property (General; Definitions) July 2013
A8.526 General Property Management Standards July 2013
A8.527 Records of Federal Property January 2002
A8.528 Aquisition January 2006
A8.529 Receiving January 2004
A8.530 Storage and Movement January 2002
A8.531 Consumption January 2002
A8.532 Utilization January 2002
A8.533 Maintenance November 1997
A8.534 Physical Inventory January 2004
A8.535 Disposal or Transfer February 2002
A8.536 Subcontract Control January 2006
A8.537 Reporting December 1997
A8.538 Title March 1995