Policy and Procedures Information System
Policy and Procedures Information System

A9.350 Leaves

APM Number Description Issue Date
A9.350 Application for Transfer of Vacation and Sick Leave Credit or Payment in Lieu of Vacation September, 1990
A9.360 Leaves of Absence for Pregnancy Related Disabilities January 2000
A9.365 Special Benefits for ERS Members on Military Leave Without Pay August, 2007
A9.370 Retirement System Contributions While On Unpaid Professional Improvement or Educational Leave April 2010
A9.380 Vacation and Sick Leave System April 2010
A9.390 Vacation Credit Fund Transfer July, 1982
A9.400 Guidelines for Sabbatical Leaves for Faculty June, 1989
A9.410 Intergovernmental Service July, 1982
A9.420 Leave without Pay for BOR Personnel July, 1982
A9.430 Professional Improvement Leaves for APT Personnel June, 1989
A9.460 Sabbatical leaves for Regular Civil Service Employees January, 1997
A9.470 Leave Sharing September, 2011



Attach. No. Form ID Description Issue Date
470.1 UH Form 102 (OHR) Annual Report - Leave Sharing Program September 2011
470.2 UH Form 68 (OHR) Leave Sharing Donation Form September 2013
470.3 UH Form 69 (OHR) Leave Sharing Request Form For Personal Illness/Injury September 2011
470.4 UH Form 98 (OHR) Leave Sharing Request Form To Care For A Family Member September 2011
470.5 UH Form 49 (OHR) Certification of Physician For Personal Illness/Injury September 2011
470.6 UH Form 99 (OHR) Certification of Physician To Care For A Family Member September 2011
470.7 UH Form 100 (OHR) Certification of Eligibility September 2011
470.8 Sample Approval Notification Letter September 2011
470.9 Sample Disapproval Notification Letter September 2011
470.10 Sample E-Mail Requesting Donations September 2011
470.11 UH Form 76 (OHR) Appeal Form September 2011