Policy and Procedures Information System
Policy and Procedures Information System

A8.505 State Personal Property

APM Number Description Issue Date
A8.505 State Personal Property May 2009
A8.506 Aquisition December 2000
A8.507 Responsibility of the Custodian and Others January 2006
A8.509 Temporary Storage of Equipment (Deleted January 2002) July 1982
A8.510 Property Requiring Special Handling January 2002
A8.511 Receipt of Materials July 1982
A8.512 Identification of Property June 2001
A8.513 Maintenance July 1982
A8.514 Maintenance of Records June 2001
A8.515 Physical Inventory January 2004
A8.516 Valuation of University Equipment December 1996
A8.517 Reports June 2001
A8.518 Disposal or Transfer January 2002
A8.519 Preventive Measure for Security of Property July 1982
A8.520 Cannibalizing of Equipment Deleted


Form ID Description Issue Date
Form 76 University of Hawaii Disposal Application(Attachment B) March, 1995
Form 21 Memorandum (Attachment L) March, 1995