Policy and Procedures Information System
Policy and Procedures Information System


APM Number Description Issue Date
A8.801 Overview April 2007
A8.806 Responsibilities for Encumbrance and Payment Transaction Processing March 2007
A8.807 Encumbrance and Payment Electronic Feeds to FMIS July 1996
A8.808 Bank Wire Transfer March 2007
A8.811 Petty Cash Funds-Overview July 1996
A8.812 Procedures to Establish, Decrease, Close, Increase a Petty Cash Fund July 1996
A8.813 Procedures for a Change in Petty Cash Custodian or Alternate July 1996
A8.814 Petty Cash Fund Disbursement Procedures July 1996
A8.815 Replenishment of the Petty Cash Fund July 1996
A8.816 Petty Cash Overages or Shortages July 1996
A8.819 Cash Counts of the Petty Cash Fund July 1996
A8.836 Purchase Orders and Related Forms September 2006
A8.838 Contracts and Agreements Accounting Form and Related Forms June 2006
A8.839 Accounts Payable Processing July 1996
A8.841 Miscellaneous Encumbrances April 2006
A8.844 Departmental Checking Accounts -- Overview July 2008
A8.845 Procedures to Establish, Close, and Change Custodian/Alternate -- Departmental Checking Account February 2001
A8.846 Departmental Checking Account Disbursement Procedures (large file ~5.4MB) July 2008
A8.847 Reconciliation of the Departmental Checking Account (large file ~7.8MB) February 2001
A8.848 Special Departmental Checking Account Procedures (large file ~10.3MB) July 2008
A8.851 Employee Out-of-State and Intra-State Travel March 2011
A8.852 Personal Automobile Mileage Voucher November 2001
A8.856 Student Fellowship and Traineeship Payments July 1996
A8.857 Scholarship/Grant Payments July 1996
A8.861 Authorization for Payment Form March 2006
A8.863 Relocation Allowances May 2007
A8.866 Accounts Payable Listing May 2007
A8.867 Information Reporting on 1099-Misc. and Backup Withholding on Payments July 1996
A8.868 Reporting and Withholding on Payment to Nonresident Aliens and Foreign Corporations (large file ~1.5MB) July 1996
A8.870 Disbursing/Accounts Payable and Payroll Overview March 2005
A8.871 Distribution and Security of Paychecks March 2005
A8.872 Emergency (Priority) Payroll March 2006
A8.873 Payroll Processing Cycle Deadlines February 2005
A8.876 Overtime Authorization and Compensation April 2006
A8.877 Payroll Overpayment November 2006
A8.879 Post Death Payments April 2006
A8.883 Student, Casual and Overload Payroll Change Form July 1996
A8.885 Payroll Scan Sheet Preparation for Student, Casual, and Overload Employees July 1996