The Department of Art and Art History is housed in our own building centrally located on the Manoa campus. The building is comprised of an auditorium, two galleries, an image resource library, numerous classrooms, offices/studios, as well as populated with a range of labs housing specialized equipment. ART students have access in accordance with their course work and degree programs.


Wheel throwing, hand building, wet and dry glaze rooms; and separate clay mixing and kiln rooms. Natural draft gas-fire kilns ranging from 24 to 60 cubic feet in capacity, top and front loading electric kilns, and a raku-fire area.


Twenty Macintosh stations, slide & flatbed scanners, Epson and Canon Printers.


Multimedia workstations include both PC and Macintosh technology and are interfaced to a variety of analog and digital input and output devices for sound and image manipulation; cameras, synthesizers, scanners, printers, projectors, tablets, etc.


Papermaking studio including Hollander beater; Weaving studio with multiple floor looms and two AVL-Compudobby Looms; Mixed media / Sewn construction studio with multiple sewing machines, indigo vat, and dye kitchen.


Hot shop - Ten Digitry GB-5 computer controlled annealing, slumping and fusing ovens. All kilns utilize Solid State Relays for consistent precise temperature control. Glass melting furnaces (Ohm Equipment Co.) and all are NFP 86 compliant. A 100 pound capacity free-standing pot furnace used for melting colored or specialty glasses. All furnaces are recuperatively fired to save energy, and have forced air and natural gas combustion systems. A 500 pound capacity day tank for blowing and a 1,000 pound capacity day tank for hot-casting and blowing. Three 16" diameter Glory Holes and one 21" diameter, ribbon burner fired glory holes with traveling yokes. A 30" diameter Glory hole is nearly completed. All of the aforementioned equipment is backed up by a 200KW Diesel Generator with an automatic transfer switch in the event of a power outage.

Cold Shop –24" rotary lap wheel, CR Laurence 2200 RP belt sanders 4 x 106, 12" diameter Felkar Bay State diamond saw (manual feed), diamond drill press, Steinert glass polisher with 20" cork and felt wheels, Denver Engraver with diamond and stone wheels, flexible shafts, and abrasive blaster, 30" diameter Rociprol, portable flame working stations.


Two ten-station darkrooms, five individual black and white darkrooms (up to 4x5 format), 4x5 cameras.


Twenty-one Macintosh computer workstations, two auxiliary monitors, a ceiling mounted computer projector, two color scanners, one medium format laserjet black-and-white printer, two medium & two large format high-resolution color printers, and two high-resolution SLR cameras. Each workstation is equipped with the latest industry-standard photographic, typesetting, layout, illustration, and multimedia development software.


Oxygen/acetylene welders, TIG and MIG welders, a plasma arc cutter, two 24 cubic-foot burn out kilns, bronze furnaces, forge, milling machine, metal lathe, electric and pneumatic hand tools vertical and horizontal handsaws, sand and bead blasters, metal rollers, wax room, electric forklift, and 125 pound muller.


Lithography - four presses, (including two late model Takach-Garfield presses capable of printing elements up to 30" x 40"), fifty-three lithography stones which can accommodate images up to 24" x 32", Stone graining sink, stone lift, individual press ventilation, 30"x 40" plate support, photo-litho plate maker, and a photo printmaking darkroom.

Intaglio - three presses (including one new Griffen press capable of 30" x 44" intaglio or relief image), two hot plates, acid room accommodating three 18" x 24" trays, 26" x 38", aquatint box, four large diameter viscosity rollers, 24" x 36" x 18" stainless steel paper soaking sink capable of 36" x 48" paper, photo-etching platemaker, and a photo printmaking darkroom.

Screenprinting - ten 5' x 12' printing tables, 50" x 80" vacuum printing table with one-armed counter balanced squeegee, pressure washer, large washout sink, photo-screenprinting darkroom and exposure facilities, ventilation system, light tables, and screen drying room. This studio facility is equipped exclusively for water based screen printing systems.


30' x 40' shooting studio with backdrop and strobe equipment


Assorted Handtools
Mechanical Tools - Two 10" table saws, a 12" radial arm saw, a 12" chop saw, two 16" band saws, a 15" planer, a 7" jointer, a 24" gap bed spindle lathe, stand mortiser, 20" drill press, 16" radial drill press, 6" x 36" horizontal belt sander, two 10" disc, 6" x 18" belt sanders, a 9" oscillating spindle sander, four 9" x 12" throw bench vises, four 6" x 6" throw bench vises

Digital Fabrication Tools - computers with software, 3 axis CNC Mill, 3D printers