Administrative Procedures Chapter 9 Personnel

Section Description Effective Date
AP 9.070 Executive/Managerial Personnel Policies Abolished 2017-04-26
AP 9.180 Service and Retirement Awards Abolished 2019-01-14
AP 9.210 Classification and Compensation Plan for APT Personnel Abolished 2021-02-23
AP 9.260 Procedures for Maintenance of the Executive and Managerial Classification System Abolished 2017-04-26
AP 9.325 Political Activity Abolished 2019-06-21
AP 9.490 Orientation for New Employees Abolished 2020-03-30
AP 9.550 Appointment of Graduate Assistants Abolished 2016-09-29
AP 9.590 Instructions for the Processing of the Notification of Personnel Action, Standard Form (SF-5B) Abolished 2023-03-20
AP 9.620 Recruitment and Reassigment of Executive and Managerial Personnel Abolished 2017-04-26
AP 9.640 Work Schedule Disclosure Form Abolished 2019-06-21
AP 9.690 Health Fund Benefits Abolished 2019-06-21
AP 9.761 Pre-Tax Qualified Parking Benefit Plan Abolished 2019-03-18
AP 9.775 Employee Assistance Program Abolished 2021-02-01
AP 9.780 Reporting of and Actions Required upon the Death of a University Employee Abolished 2018-10-01
AP 9.810 Personnel Exit Questionaires Abolished 2023-10-05
AP 9.920 Discrimination Complaint Procedures for Employees, Students, and Applicants for Employment or Admission Abolished 2023-02-01