Policy and Procedures Information System
Policy and Procedures Information System

E5.000 Academic Affairs

Section Description Issue Date
E5.101 Authority to Award Degrees and Certificates for Programs Authorized by the Board of Regents Oct. 1997
E5.102 Authority to Implement BOR Policy Governing University of Hawaii Program Certifications (degrees, diplomas, and certificates) Conferred by the BOR May 1978
E5.201 Approval of New Academic Programs and Review of Provisional Academic Programs Apr. 1989
E5.202 Review of Established Programs June 1987
E5.203 University of Hawaii Program Credentials May 1995
E5.204 University of Hawaii Distance Learning Plans, Policies, and Procedures May 1998
E5.205 Academic Minors and Certificate Credentials Mar. 1996
E5.206 Awarding of Honorary Degrees and Regents Medals June 1993
E5.208 Nonresident Enrollment Cap October 2013
E5.209 University of Hawaii System Student Transfer and Inter-Campus Articulation May 2006
E5.210 Educational Assessment June 1999
E5.211 Ethical Standards in Research and Scholarly Activities (Revised) March 2009
E5.212 Foreign Interinstitutional Affiliates Aug. 1990
E5.213 Establishment and Review of Organized Research Units Apr. 1991
E5.214 Conflicts of Interest and Commitment August 2014
E5.215 Establishment and Review of Centers August 2000
E5.216 Research and Training Revolving Fund May 2003
E5.217 Reinstatement of Deployed Active-Duty Military, Hawai'i National Guard, and Reservists. April 2007
E5.218 Compliance with Export Control Laws and Regulations July 2008
E5.219 Department Chairs, Special Program Directors and Chairs of Academic Subdivisions, and Cooperating Teacher/Counselors and Observation/Participation Teachers May 2011
E5.220 Faculty Exchange May 2011
E5.221 Classification of Faculty May 2011
E5.222 High Demand May 2011
E5.223 Graduate Assistant April 2013
E5.225 Faculty Sick Leave May 2011
E5.227 Post Doctoral Fellows May 2011
E5.228 Credit Hour August 2011
E5.500 Administration of the Patent and Copyright Policy Mar. 1985