Spring 2022 Hall of Fame


Whatever you do next, remember you are now philosophers. Be critical, engaged, and compassionate. Cultivate your talents and help others cultivate theirs.

The faculty, graduate students, and staff are proud of you!

New Bachelors of Art:
Azlynn Brandenburg —  Isabella Craft
Jordan Davis —  Emily Fong
Hsin-Hsin Hu —  Katrina Kim
Thomas Rhee —  Ratana Rin
John Suemori —  Jerry Williams

And new Master of Art: Sera Kong

2022 Winner of the David Hall Prize
for best undergraduate essay — Isabella Craft

2022 Winner of the Ashok Kumar Malhotra “Seva” Award
for academic excellence and community service — Emma Irwin (GR)

2022 recipients of the Henry Gengo and Riu Wakai Scholarship
— Ryse Akiu (GR) — Leialoha Bugarin (UG)
— Jana Light (GR) — Micah Sadoy (GR) — Megan Tengan (UG)

2022 Winners of The Keith Whittingslow Essay Prize
for best graduate essay — Ian Nicolay — David Simone (runner-up)

2022 Winner of The Eliot Deutsch PhD Merit Award
for best PhD proposal defense — Emma Irwin

2022 CALL Excellence in Teaching Award
— Dr. Sean Smith, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Spring Hall of Fame (pdf)