Seven from Department attend ASACP Conference in Melbourne

Five graduate students (affectionately, Hawaii 5-0) and two professors attended the Australasian Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy Conference at Monash University, Caulfield Campus, in Melbourne, Australia, from July 8-12, 2015. Their presentations were as follows:

Elyse Byrnes “Love Thyself: The Metaphysics of Love in Arendt and Nishida”

Arindam Chakrabarti “Is There a World Out There? God/ No One Knows”

Vrinda Dalmiya “A Bird-Mother’s Grief and Feminist Sources of the Self”

Sydney Morrow “Metaphysical Personhood in Ancient Chinese Philosophy and Karl Jaspers”

Ian Nicolay “Knowing By Imagining”

Joshua Stoll “Ratnakīrti and Casper Hare on Solipsism”

Benjamin Zenk “Disagreement and Haribhadra’s Defense of Non-Absolutism”

This international conference provided the opportunity for students to network among scholars in the field and to celebrate all things Australian, philosophical and otherwise.