Inter-cultural Philosophies of the Sea: Cultivating a Pragmatist Transoceanic Consciousness in Addressing Settler Allyship in Hawai’i

I hope to develop a pragmatist inspired analysis of a transoceanic consciousness that (a) locates philosophical analysis that addresses particular and situated social and political problems in Hawaiʻi and its reverberations throughout Oceania and (b) articulates a specific metaphysics, epistemology and ethics of the ocean. A transoceanic consciousness emerges as a response to the ongoing histories of settler colonialism and the accompanying practices of displacement, epistemic injustice, and the continued efforts of eliminating Indigenous peoples across the Pacific through militaristic and touristic economies. I hope to point out new directions in conceiving how a pragmatist and transoceanic inspired philosophical analysis might develop better models of conceiving settler allyship within Indigenous communities in Hawaiʻi and the broader Pacific. 

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2:30 p.m. (HST) January 14, 2022

Lecture by Dr. Celia Bardwell-Jones
Professor and Division Chair, Humanities
University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo

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