Fall 2023 Hall of Fame

Here are the three Cs to keep in mind: Be Critical, Be Creative, and Be Compassionate.
Go out and make a difference in the world!

The faculty, graduate students, and staff are proud of you!

Bachelors of Art:
James Madden
Sophia Mostamand
Makanaokeakua Ramos
Blake Varner

Master of Art: Nikolas Janowicz with a thesis on “Demystifying Giulio Camillo’s L’Idea del Theatro: A Philosophical Interpretation”

Doctors of Philosophy: 

Elijah Byrnes with a dissertation on “Living Death: Exhuming the Politics of Death and Remembrance in Arendt”

Benjamin Hoffman with a Dissertation on “The Concept of Ekstasis in the Modern Japanese Philosophy of Nishitani Keiji”

Also, congratulations to the following faculty!

Nominations for the Excellence in Teaching Award: Dr. Jonathan Fine (Assistant Professor) and Dr. Steve Odin (Full Professor)

“Discover Manoa Day”

(Art Auditorium, Saturday, October 21, 2023)
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Diotima and Socrates. An Encounter for the Ages
Ella Marsh and Ruel Mannette, UH PhD Candidates in Philosophy

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A Philosopher’s Self-Debate on the Subject of Death
Dr. Sean Smith, Assistant Professor, UH Department of Philosophy


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