Additions, 2018—Jean Charlot

Additions, 2018

New entries, new materials, and additional photos regarding the works and writings of Jean Charlot. Corrections, minor textual changes, and other adjustments might also be noted.

Writings on Jean Charlot

New entry added

Visual Arts


>Twelve watercolors of rooftops and skyscapes. New page with 12 new entries and photos. completed

Works on Paper

Sketches in Pablo Picasso. New entry with photos of relevant book pages. completed

>Line drawings of Jarabe, national dance of Mexico. New entry with 5 photos. completed

>Juvenilia 1904. 23 photos for its remaining pages. completed

Murals and Sculpture

Polychrome wood sculpture. New page with 3 new entries and 6 new photos. completed

>Carrying cross. New entry with photo. completed

>The Relation of Man and Nature in Old Hawaiʻi. 1974. Leeward Community College, Pearl City, Hawaiʻi. New page with 9 photos. completed

>Shield of the National University of Mexico, with Eagle and Condor. 1924. Salón Iberoamericano, Ciudad de México. New page with 3 photos. completed

>Shield of the National University of Mexico, with Eagle and Condor. 1923. Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso. New photo. completed

Portable Frescoes

Revamped whole section. completed

>Head of Christ Ascending. New entry with photo. completed

>Luz standing, hands forwards. New photo. completed


Revamped whole section. Sample images for each entry. New pages for each entry, with 121 images extracted from PDFs. completed

>Calligrammes. New entry with 4 photos. completed


Escritos sobre Arte Mexicano

New "Addenda" section.

"Carlos Merida y la pintura". Contemporáneos. November 1928. Number 6, pp. 262–272. completed

"José Clemente Orozco: Frescos". Contemporáneos. January 1929. Volume 3, Number 8, pp. 24–32. completed

On Jean Charlot

Writings on Jean Charlot

1931 diary. Zohmah Charlot. February 21–September 19, 1931. Transcribed from the shorthand by Zohmah Charlot. Transcription not dated. Previously unpublished. completed

"The Work of Jean Charlot". Lois Schumacher. Today. March 1949, pp. 8–9. completed

"Motivos: Antologia de Jean Charlot: Obras de Jean Charlot: Poemas de Jean Charlot". Bernardo Ortiz de Montellano. Contemporáneos. June 1931, Year 4, No. 37, pp. 211–215, 263–271. completed

>"Jean Charlot's Shield of the National University of Mexico". Sivia N. Garza P. Photography: Miguel and Isabella Zuñiga. 2018. Previously unpublished. Copyright Ph.D. Sivia N. Garza P. MA 2018. completed

>First Steps from the Periphery: The Work of Jean Charlot as a Source for Picasso's First Steps. Elizabeth Casey. Senior thesis, Yale University, 2018. Previously unpublished. With permission. completed