Soil Moisture Characterization

This project is a part of Theme 3 and is focused on refining severe flood and drought predictions through improvements in soil moisture characterization. This project will advance knowledge on rainfall-runoff processes and its further application to drought prediction, downstream impact on ecosystems and communities sensitive to changes in climate.

The objectives of this project are to improve the accuracy of soil moisture by leveraging remote sensing and on-the-ground monitoring, improve the accuracy of soil moisture models by optimising human annotation and building a hydrological model utilizing soil moisture distrubrtion to improve high-flow prediction and general water balance.

Meet the Team

Climate Scientists

Yinphan Tsang

UH Mānoa

Christopher Shuler

UH Mānoa

Data Scientists

Travis Mandel

UH Hilo

Sean Cleveland

UH System

Jason Leigh

UH Mānoa