Hawaiʻi Climate Data Portal Capacity Build

This project is part of theme 1 that is focused on capacity building to support advanced data science and AI techniques for data visualization, interpretation, manipulation and communication. The Hawaiʻi Climate Data Portal (HCDP) is an interactive data acquisition and visualization gateway. Historical observations of rainfall and air temperature data as well as gridded date products can currently be accessed in HCDP. The objectives of this research project are to make highly resolved and accurate climate/weather data and data products available for research, resource management, and warnings of weather-related hazards.

Meet the Team

Climate Scientists

Thomas Giambelluca
Tom Giambelluca
Ryan Longman

Co-PI, Climate Science Lead

East-West Center

Data Scientists

Jason Leigh

Co-PI, Data Science Lead

UH Mānoa

Peter Sadowski

UH Mānoa

Travis Mandel

UH Hilo


Sean Cleveland profile photo
Sean Cleveland

UH System

Jennifer Geis profile photo
Jennifer Geis

UH System

Matt Lucas

UH Mānoa

Jared McLean

UH System