Future Climate Downscaling: Machine learning and hybrid statistical-analytical approaches

This project is part of theme 2 which is focused on predicting and simulating regional climate change.
Projections of future climate are based on global general circulation models (GCMs) and earth system models (ESMs), which simulate large-scale atmospheric circulation and weather. Obtaining meaningful projections of present and future climate in high-relief areas requires an additional modeling step known as downscaling to translate GCM and ESM projections to higher spatial resolutions. The objectives of this project are to develop high quality downscaling models for all Hawaiʻian Islands to quantify the impact of climate change on Hawaiʻi’s water resources and land use under different climate scenarios and provide weather projections and actionable science.

Meet the Team

Climate Scientists

Thomas Giambelluca
Tom Giambelluca

Co-PI, Climate Science

UH Mānoa

Ryan Longman

East- West Center

Data Scientists

Jason Leigh

Co-PI, Data Science Lead

UH Mānoa

Peter Sadowski

UH Mānoa


Sean Cleveland profile photo
Sean Cleveland

UH System

Jennifer Geis profile photo
Jennifer Geis

UH System

Matt Lucas

UH Mānoa

Jared McLean Profile Photo
Jared McLean

UH System