EECB Evoluncheon Series

Fridays 11:30 to 12:30

Gilmore 306

(virtual for Spring semester 2021)

15 Faculty meeting
22 Student meeting

Dr. Carrie Tribble

School of Life Sciences

The Liliid and the Oddity: macroevolution and development of underground storage organs in the order Liliales

Spring semester 2021



Informal workshop for student talks

Zoom meeting - details forthcoming


Adrienne Antonsen

Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle Response, RCUH

Spatiotemporal dynamics of butterfly-flower interactions in the northern Great Plains


Joel Johnson

University of Huddersfield / Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle Response, RCUH

Title forthcoming


Dr. Gabbie Names

UC Davis

Stress in Paradise: relationships between avian malaria selection and three immunomodulatory hormones in the Hawaii Amakihi


Dr. Laura Jiménez

School of Life Sciences

Title forthcoming


Dr. Alexandra DeCandia

Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

Mites, microbes, and tumors: the ear canal microbiome of Santa Catalina Island foxes

Hannah Moon

School of Life Sciences

Title forthcoming

Veronica Gibson

School of Life Sciences

Title forthcoming


No Evoluncheon - Spring break


No Evoluncheon - Prince Kuhio Day

2 No Evoluncheon - Good Friday

Dr. Jenna Ekwealor

UC Berkeley

Adaptation, acclimation, and refugia: how mosses survive and thrive in the desert


Dr. Mario Vallejo-Marin

University of Stirling

Title forthcoming

23 No Evoluncheon - Tester Symposium

Jessica Idle

Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management

Reproduction, juvenile home range, and survival of the endangered ‘ae‘o (Hawaiian Stilt, Himantopus mexicanus knudensi)


Open - Non-instruction day

14 Open - Finals week


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Welcome to EECB

The EECB graduate specialization at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa is an interdisciplinary program promoting integration among the traditionally separate disciplines that come together synergistically under the umbrella of Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology. Participation in the program is available to students enrolled in the affiliated graduate programs. The program draws on the resources of approximately 50 faculty with research skills in many specialized areas, from various programs in the College of Natural Sciences, the College of Social Sciences, the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, the School of Medicine, and the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, as well as from the University of Hawaii at Hilo and affiliate faculty from other agencies.

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Orville Baldos EECB logo creator EECB Logo, the story...

Please send news items to Rob Cowie (, especially new publications for the list below)


EECB Fellowships 2021

The following graduate students were awarded EECB fellowships:

Maybelle Roth Fellowship - Maria Costantini, Manya Singh

Watson T. Yoshimoto Fellowship - Paolo Marra-Biggs, Helen Sung

Hampton & Meredith Carson Fellowship - Valentina Alvarez


A new EECB Chair Dr. Bob Thomson has taken over as Chair from outgoing Chair Dr. Cliff Morden. Thanks to Cliff for everything he has done for the program over the last eight years - a record tenure in the position!


Please welcome new EECB students joining the program in spring 2021:
Botany—Olivia Clark, Kevin Faccenda, Ana Flores, Jimmy Fumo, Dachuan "Frank" Wang

Entomology—Kyhl Austin

NREM—Kaleiheana-a-Pohaku Stormcrow

Zoology—Spencer Alascio, Jose Carranza, Natalie Myers, McLean Worsham


Dr. Matthew Medeiros, Pacific Biosciences Research Center, has been elected to the EECB faculty.


Dr. Karolina Heyduk, School of Life Sciences, has been elected to the EECB faculty.


The 2020-2021 graduate student representatives: Maria Costantini and Helen Sung.


Joshua Copus was recently honored in the following publication in which a new species of marine alga was named after him:

Sherwood, A.R., Paiano, M.O , Spalding, H.L. & Kosaki, R.K. 2020. Biodiversity of Hawaiian Peyssonneliales (Rhodophyta): Sonderophycus copusii sp. nov., a new species from the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Algae 35(2): 145-155.



Latest News from EECB

EECB Book Clubs


If you are interested in an EECB book club please access this Google doc to add titles and list your interest in joining. All, including faculty and staff, are very welcome to join.


Scientific writing, publishing and reviewing—a guide for students


As a follow-up to the 30 October 2015 Evoluncheon (Drs. Mark Hixon and Rob Toonen), a link is provided here to Mark's extremely useful 2004 co-authored paper "Scientific writing, publishing and reviewing—a guide for students" published in the Ecological Society of America Bulletin. And here is a link to former EECB faculty member Dr. Chris Lepczyk's 2011 paper "A beginner's guide to reviewing manuscripts in ecology and conservation" published in Ideas in Ecology and Evolution.


A selection of new publications by EECB faculty and students in 2020 and 2021
(including research by former students while in EECB)


Ahyong, S.T., Porter, M.L. & Caldwell, R.L. 2020. The leopard mantis shrimp, Ankersquilla pardus, a new genus and species of eurysquillid from Indo-West Pacific coral reefs. Records of the Australian Museum 72(1): 1-8.


Ainsworth, A. & Drake, D.R. 2020. Classifying plant species along a habitat generalist-specialist continuum: implications for species conservation under climate change. PLoS ONE 15(2): e0228573.


Antaky, C.C., Conklin, E.E., Toonen, R.J., Knapp, I.S.S. & Price, M.R. 2020. Unexpectedly high genetic diversity in a rare and endangered seabird in the Hawaiian archipelago. PeerJ 8: e8463.


Armani, M., Goodale, U.M., Charles-Dominique, T., Barton, K.E., Yao, X. & Tomlinson, K.W. 2020. Structural defence is coupled with the leaf economic spectrum across saplings of spiny species. Oikos 129: 740-752.


Bahr, K., Tran, T., Jury, C.P. & Toonen, R.J. 2020. Abundance, size, and survival of recruits of the reef coral Pocillopora acuta under ocean warming and acidification. PLoS ONE. 15(2): e0228168. DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0228168


Barton, K.E. & Shiels, A.B. 2020. Additive and non-additive responses of seedlings to simulated herbivory and drought. Biotropica. 52(6): 1217-1228.


Barton, K.E., Jones, C., Edwards, K.F., Shiels, A.B. & Knight, T.M. 2020. Local adaptation constrains drought tolerance in a tropical foundation tree. Journal of Ecology 108: 1540-1552.


Bellinger, M.R., Paudel, R., Starnes, S., Kambic, L., Kantar, M.B., Wolfgruber, T., Lamour, K., Geib, S., Sim, S., Miyasaka, S., Helmkampf M. & Shintaku, M. 2020. Taro genome assembly and linkage map reveal QTLs for resistance to taro leaf blight. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics10(8): 2763-2775.


Bernard, J., Wall, C.B., Costantini, M.S., Rollins, R.L., Atkins, M.L., Cabrera, F.P., Cetraro, N.D., Feliciano, C.K.J., Greene, A.L., Kitamura, P.K., Olmedo-Velarde, A., Sirimalwatta, V.N.S., Sung, H.W., Thompson, L.P.M., Vu, H.T., Wilhite, C.J. & Amend, A.S. 2020. Plant part and a steep environmental gradient predict plant microbial composition in a tropical watershed. The ISME Journal 15: 999-1009.


Bilandžija, H., Hollifield, B., Steck, M., Meng, G., Ng, M., Koch, A.D., Gračan, R., Ćetković, H., Porter, M.L., Renner, K.J. & Jeffery, W. 2020. Phenotypic plasticity as a mechanism of cave colonization and adaptation. Elife 9: p.e51830.


Bowen, B.W., Forsman, Z.H., Whitney, J.L., Faucci, A., Hoban, M., Canfield, S.J., Johnston, E.C., Coleman, R.C., Copus, J.M., Vicente. J., & Toonen, R.J. 2020. Species radiations in the sea: what the flock? Journal of Heredity 111: 70-83.


Bracken-Grissom, H.D., DeLeo, D.M., Porter, M.L., Iwanicki, T., Sickles, J. & Frank, T.M. 2020. Light organ photosensitivity in deep-sea shrimp may suggest a novel role in counterillumination. Scientific Reports 10: 4485.


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