Shingo Yamazaki at UTA Artist Space LA

UTA Artist Space LA is pleased to present “Where You Stay,” an Artist Project featuring new paintings by LA based artist Shingo Yamazaki.

Drawing from personal narratives, Shingo both buries and uncovers domestic scenes to visually address generational trauma, anxieties, and invisibility. Plants, objects, and vague blurring layers of color obscure one’s view, expressing the in-betweenness of perspective and identity. With veil-like transparencies, figures are camouflaged into familiar interior spaces, representing the invisibility of migrant and diasporic families. This body of work specifically explores generations of people who have migrated and assimilated, creating a mosaic of stories unique to each community. The title “Where You Stay” comes from a Hawaii Creole English phrase, posing the question – where are you located at this very moment? Yamazaki’s work navigates
the disjointed concept of “place”, being part of a community he doesn’t have direct lineage to
while having limited connection to his own personal generational ties. “Where You Stay” investigates liminal spaces and incites a conversation between past and present, here and there, fantasy and reality, self and community.