ART 358 UTILITARIAN SCULPTURE by students in Nick Hunsinger’s class
Aug. 21 – Sept. 8, 2017
Commons Gallery

Exhibition Information:

ART 358 Utilitarian Sculpture is a class focused on teaching students how to design and create functional objects out of wood. Students learn to take an idea from 2D sketches to a reality. The total functionality of the object is planned out, both in terms of usability and the environment to which it is meant for. The students are also introduced to advanced construction techniques including jig making and CNC milling.

The works in this exhibition stem from three projects done over the course of six weeks. The first project asked the students to come up with an object that improved their life in some way, using only a limited amount of material. The second project was a lamp that needed to incorporate a curved element. The third project required the students to build a piece of furniture styled after an adjective they drew from a bowl. The tight deadlines and daily work schedule required the students to think on their feet and solve problems quickly. These works are all the more impressive considering this is only the second time most of them have worked in the woodshop.

Hsin Fang Chang
Robert Flowers
Laurel Fongblatt
Emily Goodyear
Brandon Howes
Xiao Hu
Derwin Leiva
Mari Matsuda
Lucille Olechowski

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Images courtesy of the Nick Hunsinger.