Marina George Film Flier

MA student Marina George is among the presenters of Symposium "Reflecting South Asia in Hawaii, Asia-Pacific, and Beyond - Chapter: Art, Body, Storytelling"

WHEN : April 24-26, 2019
WHERE : Venue: Hamilton Library 306 and other locations
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Marina has been a consultant for Blur Projects Australia since 2015, working with photographer Belinda Mason in the production of Silent Tears, a multimedia exhibition that documents the stories of women with disabilities who have encountered violence, or have acquired a disability through violence. Initiated in Australia, the project has evolved into an international exhibition, documenting women’s stories from over twenty countries. It brought together diverse consultants from disability and art sectors, and uniquely showed how art can become a powerful tool to support an international community of survivors. The project compares the varied contexts in which violence emerges across the globe, reinforcing the need for stronger platforms and policies for women to rally together on. Marina worked with disability organizations in India and New York to document and photograph participants who were willing to share their stories, and curated the Silent Tears exhibition at the James Chapel, UTS, New York in April 2018, which was held in conjunction with the 62nd UN Commission on the Status of Women.

Silent Tears: Disability, Violence and Resilience of Women Survivors Globally

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