Emmy Bright : Artist in Residence

Emmy Bright Exhibition

Feeling feeling, 2017. Collaborative installation between Emmy Bright and J.R. Uretsky.

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Emmy Bright : Artist in Residence
In Residence from Feb 3 – 13 (ART Building rooms 301 and 373)

Art Talk : Tuesday, February 12, 3-4pm (ART Building room 301)

“I make performances, drawings, prints, and zines that merge high theory, pop songs, psychoanalysis, comedy, art history and philosophy. Disciplinary language can conscript us into certain ways of thinking, but it can also be undone and used against itself. My practice is about undoing, compelling systemic logic to attack itself. I champion the stupid, the wrong, and the failed narrative; I make comparisons that fall apart and diagrams that try to explain but instead contain their own undoing. I work to upend normative good sense in order to find something more complex, gnarly, and real.” – Emmy Bright

Bright received her BA from University of Chicago, an M.Ed from Harvard and MFA from Cranbrook in Print Media. She has had Fellowships to the Ox-Bow School of Art in Michigan and New Urban Arts in Rhode Island. She has taught at RISD, City College New York and she has been a visiting artist for the Museum School in Boston, Brown University, and the RISD Museum. She has produced commissioned projects for the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park and Brown University. She currently lives and works in Detroit where she is represented by David Klein Gallery.