Duncan Dempster artwork

February 14, 2019 – June 14, 2019
First Hawaiian Center

New Ways of Living: Duncan Dempster
Duncan Dempster’s current body of mixed-media work explores concepts of nostalgia, memory, and perception through references to utopian architecture, design and pop culture. Incorporating abstraction, representation and optical illusion, Dempster’s colorful screenprints on small segments of plywood combine together in visually complex geometric constructions.

Emily McIlroy art detail

The Lilies How They Grow: Emily McIlroy
Emily McIlroy’s recent series of large-scale, oil and pastel paintings on paper explores the natural world as metaphor for human experiences of love, loss, grief, and wonder. Organic shapes, richly layered colors, and delicate textures reminiscent of underwater caverns, sea creatures, and plant forms, emerge from a repetitive process of rendering and erasure.