Debra Drexler’s work will be featured in Salon Zürcher NY 2020: Women of Spirit, to be held during Armory Week March 2-March 8, 2020. The annual international art fairs in New York, during Armory Week, represent the largest international art gathering, 65,000 people annually including curators, critics and patrons of the arts drawing. Zürcher Gallery is a long-term feature of Armory Week, hosting 21 art fairs to date. Zürcher, an internationally recognized gallery in New York and Paris, has placed art in the collections of major museums such as the Museum of Modern Art and The Metropolitan Museum. The fair was curated by Gwenolee Zürcher, the gallery director.

An earlier New York show which also featured Drexler’s work, “Vital Force: Water Essential,” was recently reviewed in ART511 magazine.