photo of CHIHO USHIO painting

Newly minted MFA CHIHO USHIO will be featured in her first Hawai‘i solo exhibition at the Ravizza Brownfield Gallery.

Chiho Ushio: 響 (Hibiki) Resonance
Opening on First Friday, July 6, 6-9pm

響 (Hibiki) Resonance is Ravizza Brownfield Gallery’s second show featuring work by a Hawai’i-based artist. The exhibition showcases three different bodies of work, Mauli Ola, multi-layered woodcut prints on paper, Phantasm, mixed media sculpture using unconventional materials on Plexiglas, and the artist’s most recent work, 響 (Hibiki) Resonance, a series of large-scale stone lithographic monoprints on paper. Working from experiential interactions with nature, the artist uses a multidisciplinary approach to capture the elusive nature of light as it interacts with the universe.

The project is derived from a concept sprung from Ushio’s practice of holistic medicine and quantum waves healing. Three large framed works, roughly 4 by 6 feet in size, are comprised from an array of 12 prints, each with what looks to be an infinite ocean of blue dots. Each distinct, the blue dots personify the residuals of the collective particles that make up the essence and interplay of vibrations of the universe.