So proud of current MFA student ATIS PUAMPAI. He was not only accepted to present a paper at the preeminent photographic education organization Society for Photographic Education (SPE), he is listed as a featured speaker!! See more

Photo above pictures Atis holding and wearing the equipment he fabricated to execute his project “Earth at 970MPH”.

In his own words:
The presentation will focus on my current project Earth at 970MPH, a series of images that photographically tracks the sun’s movement in the sky and incidental earthscapes. With equipment I have built with mostly salvaged parts, I manually aim the camera directly at the sun in long exposures that often extends to over an hour. The results are photographs of a motionless sun with Earth’s landscapes rendered as blurs as it spins at 970 MPH anchored at ‘Oahu, my current location. The presentation will cover concept, material and process.

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