taking art out of the studios


2016 / ART AT LARGE 1.0 (on Dole Street between the Law and Music buildings) 

Many thanks go to Surfrider Foundation, Trecker Fritz & Williams Attorneys at Law, Layton Construction and POW!WOW! Hawai‘i

Each iteration of ART AT LARGE costs $2-3,000. SUPPORT future iterations (mention ART AT LARGE in the comment section).

Emily Boehm artwork

Emily Boehm (instagram @emilyboehmart)
My work is inspired by the flora I have seen growing up in Hawai‘i. Unlike scrims often found at construction sites depicting life size images of the buildings to come, my mural reintroduces natural elements into the increasingly concrete landscape of O‘ahu.


Kainoa Gruspe artwork

Kainoa Gruspe (instagram @gnar.wall)
My mural's central element is the simple childcraft of folding and cutting a sheet of paper, then unfolding it to reveal a pattern. The most common image used with this technique is of people holding hands. I think the whimsical nature of kid art is interesting and worth paying attention to. To enforce this I blew up an 8 inch piece of construction paper to the scale of an 8 foot section of construction wall. I also layered the flat kid craft imagery over a classical painterly landscape, at once devaluing the skilled and elevating the naïve.

Tommy Hite artwork

Tommy Hite (instagram @magicstaff)
With this mural project I expressively blend two themes that I have previously only executed separately; Hawaii's text-based local street art, and social realism, representational painting based on photographs of everyday Honolulu street scenes. By merging the two, I intend to bridge the gap between fine/street, legal/illegalized, art in Hawai‘i.


Kimberly Giegerich artwork

Kimberly Giegerich (instagram @laltre_stelle)
My interests exist within the confluence of space exploration, science fiction, and the fantastic. This mural gives a porthole glimpse into an imagined extra-terrestrial landscape: expressed through a gaseous laden atmosphere that shrouds an alien terrain.


Taylor Johnson artwork

Taylor Johnson (instagram @ma.riet/)
I am interested in settlements that have been abandoned and reclaimed by nature. In this mural I focused on images of an abandoned Alaskan town built into the side of a cliff. By working with this imagery, I memorialize otherwise forgotten places as well as investigate what home is.

Alina Kawai artwork

Alina Kawai (instagram @alina.kawai)
It Walks Aimlessly in the NightThe night sky is lit with stars and bright planets. Their placements indicate changing seasons and anchor our place on the planet. People have relied on them in the past to imagine humanity's existence through myths, legends, and histories. As technologies develop along with ever increasing demands for economic growth, the byproducts of light pollution and smoggy atmosphere follow suit. The stars and planets are still in the sky; however overtime what we see above in the night is a mere shadow of the past.[/caption]


Zoe Liu artwork

Zoe Liu (instagram @zoeliuart)
This mural depicts my personal journey fleeing from the forced-feeding educational system I grew up within to pursue freedom.


Kana Ogawa artwork

Kana Ogawa (instagram @ogawaart)
One of the benefits of having paintings outside is that they can be viewed from a distance. I painted enlarged objects to enhance the impact of paint itself. In certain sections paint takes control over the image, becoming just as important as the rendered objects. I also changed the pull of gravitational forces to align it with traffic closest to the mural, to create an uncanny visual experience.


Khari Saffo artwork

Khari Saffo (instagram @khari_creates)
I made my mural as though it is a page in my sketchbook. I observe the people that populate my surroundings and apply the imagery quickly to the wall. I use loose and expressive brush work to make the drawing feel alive, mimicking the liveliness on UH campus.


Boz Schurr artwork

Boz Schurr (instagram @bozschurr)
My mural incorporates classic color theory and rainbows! Specifically Isaac Newton's theory of light and refraction. The icebergs evoke the prism that the sun shines through to create ROYGBIV rainbows. And although Newton represented the color spectrum in his writing as seven separate colors (and I would argue that the spectrum is really only one subtly shifting band of light) I chose to paint six octopuses, each standing in for one color of the classic color wheel referenced by painters still.


Geoffrey Siu artwork

Geoffrey Siu (instagram @itsgeoffreyChasing Rainbows
University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa will never be complete. It will forever change, grow, and improve, attempting to reach perfection. Chasing Rainbows depicts the optimism towards progress. It reveals a patchwork of colors left from each and every revision I made throughout its creation. New and old elements do not compete for dominance, but instead highlight each other’s special qualities.


Sheanae Tam artwork

Sheanae Tam (instagram @sheanae.tam)
I grew up in a family of fisherman. In this work I share a common sight we would see when we take our catch to the fish auction.


Ira Villafranca artwork

Aria Villafranca (instagram @not_ira)
Entertainment is often used to escape reality. In this mural I strive to engage viewers by bringing them into another world.  Like becoming absorbed in a book for the first time, the image offers temporary escape to an alternate reality that enables us to experience beyond ourselves.