Jelly Beans-A  ART EVENTS
Jelly Beans-M  MUSEUM

Selected 2019-2020

Jelly Beans-M  Yutaka Matsuzawa: Towards Quantum Art
Jelly Beans-E 2020 MFA Thesis Exhibition
Jelly Beans-E Jenna Macy: Deepest Darkest Seacret – Masterpiece of Love
Jelly Beans-E Inundation: Art and Climate Change in the Pacific
Jelly Beans-E Koro Ihara: made in earth
Jelly Beans-E Megan Bent: Latency
Jelly Beans-E Brad Evan Taylor: Rift
Jelly Beans-M  Francis Haar: Disappearing Honolulu
Jelly Beans-E  Myths & Mortality: Ceramic Studio Recent Works
Jelly Beans-E  Cody Anderson: Spending Time
Jelly Beans-E Edwards + Portner + Soliven: Attribute
Jelly Beans-E Ka-Ning Fong: There Goes The Neighborhood
Jelly Beans-E Mary Kim: Ggot Byeol: Love of Two Stars

Selected 2018-2019

Jelly Beans-M  Francis Haar: Disappearing Honolulu
Jelly Beans-E  Myths & Mortality: Ceramic Studio Recent Works
Jelly Beans-E  Cody Anderson: Spending Time
Jelly Beans-E Pink: Drexler + Largusa
Jelly Beans-E Edwards + Portner + Soliven: Attribute
Jelly Beans-E Ka-Ning Fong: There Goes The Neighborhood
Jelly Beans-E Mary Kim: Ggot Byeol: Love of Two Stars
Jelly Beans-E  Emily Mcilroy: Noctuary
Jelly Beans-E  Harry Tsuchidana: Works On Paper
Jelly Beans-E  Nathan Lynch: Ceramic Nest Solutions
Jelly Beans-E  Hiding in Plain Sight: Jose Ferreira + Asma Kazmi
Jelly Beans-E  Double Take: Film and Text Works by Johan Grimonprez
Jelly Beans-E  Half Place: Matthew Szosz + Anna Mlasowsky
Jelly Beans-E  Allison Bianco: Cloud Level
Jelly Beans-E  Honolulu Printmakers 91st Annual Juried Exhibition
Jelly Beans-E  Yusuke Aonuma: Experiment and Awareness
Jelly Beans-E  Weston Teruya: Expansion (
Jelly Beans-E  Impression & Memory: Selected Works by Matt Smith Award Recipients 2007-2018
Jelly Beans-E  2019 Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibitions 
art event icon  Emmy Bright: Artist in Residence
art event icon  Einar and Jamex de la Torre: Artists in Residence
art event icon  Art History from Below: Géricault, Delacroix, Turner – Lecture by Marcus Rediker
Jelly Beans-M  Vie Du Pacifique II / Pacific Perimeter Exchange Print Folio 2016
Jelly Beans-M  Honolulu Biennial 2019: To Make Wrong / Right / Now

Selected 2017-2018

Jelly Beans-E  Beauty of Mokuhanga: Discipline & Sensibility
Jelly Beans-E  Tinfish at 22
Jelly Beans-E  Material Slip
Jelly Beans-E  Kosta Kulundzic
Jelly Beans-E  Isotopia Pacifica, Stéfane Perraud
Collaboration with Aram Kebabdjian
Jelly Beans-A  Amy Yao: Visiting Artist + Presentation
Jelly Beans-A  Symposium: Tradition and Contemporaneity In the Arts of Asia
Jelly Beans-S  Waikiki Parc Features Taylor Johnson
Jelly Beans-S  Waikiki Parc Features Momoe Nakajima
Jelly Beans-M  The Extended Hawaiian Body
Jelly Beans-M  Shooting Wallpaper: Brigitte Zieger

Selected 2016-2017

Jelly Beans-E  12 x 12
Jelly Beans-E  Drew Broderick with Gan Ueda : Diamond Head
Jelly Beans-E  Peter Chamberlain: Aesthetic Surplus Kompany
Jelly Beans-E  Earth, Sky, Time, Light, Space : The Ceramic Art of Wayne Higby
Jelly Beans-E  Goodgirl
Jelly Beans-E  Imayō: Japan’s New Traditionists
Jelly Beans-E  Nick Potter: 1000 Utopias
Jelly Beans-E  Readymade Place
Jelly Beans-E  Markus Vogl + Margarita Benitez: Collider 7 [Voxel]
Jelly Beans-E  Thomas Walker: Painted Forms: Recent Investigations
Jelly Beans-A  Artists In Residence: Map Office
Jelly Beans-A  Roundtable: Art and Critical Geographies In Hawai’i
Jelly Beans-S  Waikiki Parc Features Dana Brewer
Jelly Beans-S  Waikiki Parc Features Michael Connolley
Jelly Beans-S  Waikiki Parc Features David Harada
Jelly Beans-S  Waikiki Parc Features Momoe Nakajima
Jelly Beans-S  Waikiki Parc Features Janet Tran
Jelly Beans-M  Fragments & Empire: Cambodian Art from the Angkor Period
Jelly Beans-M  The Laminated Print: Origins + Process of Chine Collé
Jelly Beans-M  Ula Leo / ‘Imaikalani Kalahele + Cory Taum

Selected 2015-2016

Jelly Beans-E  Andrew Binkley: Portals
Jelly Beans-E  Cephalopod Interface
Jelly Beans-E  Chris Bird Jones: ohi, ho’ahu, gather, casglu
Jelly Beans-E  Extended Personhood-An Exhibition of Postcards from Hawai’i Between 1898 – 1920
Jelly Beans-E  Kelly Ciurej: Foreign Fruit
Jelly Beans-E  Jan Dickey: Pieces of Napoleon Blownapart
Jelly Beans-E  Groeniger [Meta]
Jelly Beans-E  Hunt+Gather
Jelly Beans-E  New New York: Abstract Painting in the 21st Century
Jelly Beans-E  Under Pressure: Editioned Prints from ART 318, Intermediate Printmaking
Jelly Beans-E  Jenny Sanzaro-Nishimura
Jelly Beans-E  KALO
Jelly Beans-E  Selections from the Collection of Arm & Roller Press
Jelly Beans-E  Ways of Looking
Jelly Beans-I  Julia Bryan-Wilson
Jelly Beans-I  Andrea Dezsö
Jelly Beans-S  Waikiki Parc Features Percy Lam
Jelly Beans-S  Waikiki Parc Features Erin Marquez
Jelly Beans-S  Waikiki Parc Features Shannon Webb
Selected 2014-2015
Jelly Beans-E  Binding & Looping: Transfer of Presence in Contemporary Pacific Art
Jelly Beans-E  Cabinet of Curiosities: Doris’ Leftovers Arranged by Gaye & Mary
Jelly Beans-E  Edgar Heap of Birds: Secrets in Life and Death
Jelly Beans-E  On O’ahu : Two Views
Jelly Beans-E  Re / Charting: Bryan Czibesz + Shawn Spangler
Jelly Beans-E  Sally is in the Building!
Jelly Beans-I  Bryan Czibesz
Jelly Beans-I  Hasan Elahi
Jelly Beans-I  Sally French
Jelly Beans-I  Ganzeer
Jelly Beans-I  Shigeyuki Kihara
Jelly Beans-I  Joseph Maida
Jelly Beans-I  Lisa Reihana
Jelly Beans-I  Toshio Shimizu
Jelly Beans-S  Waikiki Parc Features Emily Patacsil

Selected 2013-2014

Jelly Beans-E  Convergence : Glitch, Click, Thunk, Featuring Mark Amerika
Jelly Beans-E  YUAN by Beili Liu
Jelly Beans-I  Beili Liu
Jelly Beans-I  Anna Waclawek
Jelly Beans-S  Waikiki Parc Features Nate Ditzler

Selected 2012-2013

Jelly Beans-E  Framing Paradise: Photography and Waikiki
Jelly Beans-E  Picturing the Ryukus: Images of Okinawa in Japanese Artworks
Jelly Beans-E  Phoebe Cummings: Cella
Jelly Beans-E  Video Choreo
Jelly Beans-I  Ayad Alkadhi
Jelly Beans-I  Hillary Chute
Jelly Beans-I  Phoebe Cummings
Jelly Beans-I  Edgar and Shanna Ketchum Heap of Birds
Jelly Beans-I  Thomas Lawson
Jelly Beans-I  Daido Moriyama
Jelly Beans-I  Michael Sorkin
Jelly Beans-I  Kei Tsuji

Selected 2011-2012

Jelly Beans-E  East West Ceramics Collaboration V
Jelly Beans-E  FAX
Jelly Beans-I  Biennial of Hawaii Artists X
Jelly Beans-I  Jeffry Feeger
Jelly Beans-I  Vincent Goudreau & Javier Martinez
Jelly Beans-I  Emre Huner
Jelly Beans-I  Liu Xiaodong & Yu Hong
Jelly Beans-I  João Ribas
Jelly Beans-I  Fred Tomaselli

Selected 2010-2011

Jelly Beans-E  Musings of Mystery and Alphabets of Agony: The Work of Edward Gorey
Jelly Beans-E  The Reformer’s Brush: Modernity and Traditional Media in China
Jelly Beans-I  Afruz Amighi
Jelly Beans-I  Garth Amundson and Pierre Gour
Jelly Beans-I  Urma Boom
Jelly Beans-I  Andrew Binkley
Jelly Beans-I  Arti Grabowski
Jelly Beans-I  Alison Moritsugu
Jelly Beans-I  Wang Qingsong
Jelly Beans-I  Taho Ritsuko
Jelly Beans-I  Heather Rowe
Jelly Beans-I  Toshiaki Tomita
Jelly Beans-I  Hoshina Toyomi
Jelly Beans-I  Julias Vermeulen
Jelly Beans-I  Lynne Yamamoto

Selected 2009-2010

Jelly Beans-E  Degrees of Distinction: Alumni Invitational Exhibition
Jelly Beans-E  Eternal Blinking: Contemporary Art of Korea
Jelly Beans-I  Joan Cohen
Jelly Beans-I  Fay Ku
Jelly Beans-I  Claire Park
Jelly Beans-I  Temporary Services
Jelly Beans-I  Sopolemalama Filipe Tohi

Selected 2008-2009

Jelly Beans-E  Writing with Thread: Traditional Textiles of Southwest Chinese Minorities
Jelly Beans-E  The 10th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition
Jelly Beans-I  Michael Arcega
Jelly Beans-I  Judy Fox
Jelly Beans-I  Patrick Nagatani
Jelly Beans-I  Walid Raad
Jelly Beans-I  Shahzia Sikander
Jelly Beans-I  Emma Tavola
Jelly Beans-I  Michel Tuffery

Selected 2007-2008

Jelly Beans-E  Island to Island: A Collaboration Between Three International Universities
Jelly Beans-E  Excelling the Work of Heaven : Personal Adornment from China
Jelly Beans-E  The Commodity of Exchange : Prints from the Charles Cohan Collection
Jelly Beans-I  Fatu Feu’u
Jelly Beans-I  Kirby Gookin
Jelly Beans-I  Michael Hoyt
Jelly Beans-I  Isabelle Staron-Tutugoro

Selected 2006-2007

Jelly Beans-E  East West Ceramics Collaboration IV
Jelly Beans-E  Reconstructing Memories
Jelly Beans-E  What Sound Does a Color Make?
Jelly Beans-I  Stephen Andrews
Jelly Beans-I  Binh Danh
Jelly Beans-I  James Paul Gee
Jelly Beans-I  Maria Elena Gonzales
Jelly Beans-I  John Greyson
Jelly Beans-I  Wu Hung
Jelly Beans-I  Katsushige Nakahashi
Jelly Beans-I  Eddo Stern

Selected 2005-2006

Jelly Beans-E  Making Connections: Treasures from the University of Hawai’i Library
Jelly Beans-E  Painting with Threads: The Art of Japanese Embroidery
Jelly Beans-E  The 9th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition
Jelly Beans-I  Terry Adkins
Jelly Beans-I  Christine Christophersen
Jelly Beans-I  Shepard Fairey
Jelly Beans-I  Felix Gmelin
Jelly Beans-I  Ann Hamilton
Jelly Beans-I  John Hanhardt
Jelly Beans-I  Lu Jie
Jelly Beans-I  Stuart Kestenbaum
Jelly Beans-I  Boreth Ly
Jelly Beans-I  Moira Roth

Selected 2004-2005

Jelly Beans-E  Echoes of an Island Culture: An Introduction to the Art of Lampung, Indonesia
Jelly Beans-E  Labor and Leisure
Jelly Beans-I  Lynda Benglis
Jelly Beans-I  Brett Graham (Ngati Karoki Kahukura)
Jelly Beans-I  Paul Pfeiffer

Selected 2003-2004

Jelly Beans-E  Crossings 2003: Korea/Hawai’i
Jelly Beans-E  Chinese Ceramics Today
Jelly Beans-I  Chakaia Booker
Jelly Beans-I  Alana Heiss
Jelly Beans-I  Janet Koplos
Jelly Beans-I  Roger Shimamura
Jelly Beans-I  Gordon Umililoa-Lahanau-o-Kalakaua Kai

Selected 2002-2003

Jelly Beans-E  East West Ceramics Collaboration III
Jelly Beans-E  Pattern and Purpose: Japanese Fishermen’s Coats of Awaji Island
Jelly Beans-E  Private Passions II
Jelly Beans-E  The 8th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition
Jelly Beans-I  Brook Andrews
Jelly Beans-I  Peter Emmett
Jelly Beans-I  Ka’ala Farms Inc: Eric Enos and Lilette Subedi
Jelly Beans-I  Judy Tuwaletstiwa

Selected 2001-2002

Jelly Beans-E  Théâtre de la Mode
Jelly Beans-E  A Tradition of Excellence
Jelly Beans-I  Enrique Celaya
Jelly Beans-I  Patrick Dougherty
Jelly Beans-I  Dennis Wallace
Jelly Beans-I  Judy Watson

Selected 2000-2001

Jelly Beans-E  Drawing 2000: Stretching the Point
Jelly Beans-E  Ho’I I Ka Pu’ulo (Contemporary Hawaiian Art)
Jelly Beans-E  A Transient World: Ukiyo-e Prints from the Tadashi Goino Collection
Jelly Beans-E  Jose Guadalupe Posada : My Mexico
Jelly Beans-I  Nick Cave
Jelly Beans-I  Mel Chin
Jelly Beans-I  Keone Nunes

Selected 1999-2000

Jelly Beans-E  Private Passions I
Jelly Beans-E  The 7th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition
Jelly Beans-I  Kauka Desilva
Jelly Beans-I  Tseng Yu-Ho Ecke
Jelly Beans-I  Billy Field
Jelly Beans-I  Richard Fung
Jelly Beans-I  Diane Katsiaficas
Jelly Beans-I  Vic Muniz
Jelly Beans-I  Lowery Stokes Sims

Selected 1998-1999

Jelly Beans-E  At Home & Abroad: 20 Contemporary Filipino Artists
Jelly Beans-E  The Last Dreams of the Millennium: The Reemergence of British Romantic Painting
Jelly Beans-I  Satoru Abe/John Koga/Allison Wong
Jelly Beans-I  Jamex and Einar De La Torre
Jelly Beans-I  Erin Guerrero-Goodwin
Jelly Beans-I  Simon Lee/Eve Sussman
Jelly Beans-I  Linda Nochlin
Jelly Beans-I  Pepon Osorio
Jelly Beans-I  Mark Pearlman
Jelly Beans-I  Puanani Van Dorpe
Jelly Beans-I  Jon Winet

Selected 1997-1998

Jelly Beans-E  Crossings ’97: France/Hawai’i
Jelly Beans-E  Huc Luquiens’s Hawaii: Prints 1918-1950
Jelly Beans-E  Midwest Photography Invitational IX
Jelly Beans-I  Stephanie Castillo
Jelly Beans-I  `Imaikalani Kalahele
Jelly Beans-I  Shinro Ohtake
Jelly Beans-I  Kim Yasuda

Selected 1996-1997

Jelly Beans-E  Selections 6: Works from the Polaroid Collection
Jelly Beans-E  A Journey through Chinese Hell: Hell Scrolls of Taiwan
Jelly Beans-E  The 6th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition
Jelly Beans-I  Sara Bates
Jelly Beans-I  Claudia Bernardi
Jelly Beans-I  Gary Hill
Jelly Beans-I  Allen Hori
Jelly Beans-I  Tom Okimoto

Selected 1995-1996

Jelly Beans-E  East West Ceramics Collaboration II
Jelly Beans-E  Asia-Pacific Rim Sculpture Exhibition
Jelly Beans-E  Naked Truths
Jelly Beans-I  Suzanne Lacy
Jelly Beans-I  David Medalla
Jelly Beans-I  Sarkis
Jelly Beans-I  Joyce Scott

Selected 1994-1995

Jelly Beans-E  Sum of the Parts
Jelly Beans-E  Contemporary East European Ceramics
Jelly Beans-E  The City: Architecture & Culture
Jelly Beans-I  Holly Block
Jelly Beans-I  Elizabeth Diller
Jelly Beans-I  Edgar Heap of Birds
Jelly Beans-I  Lucy Lippard
Jelly Beans-I  Vaughan Oliver

Selected 1993-1994

Jelly Beans-E  Te Waka Toi: Contemporary Maori Art of New Zealand
Jelly Beans-E  The 5th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition
Jelly Beans-E  On Heavenly Wings : Birds and Aspirations
Jelly Beans-E  Walter O. Evans Collection of African American Art