XMANIFOLD A.D.R.L. is a design and research practice co-founded by alum DIMITRI DAMIEL KIM.

Columbia University is presenting an exhibition by XMANIFOLD A.D.R.L., entitled Too Dark Light at Brooklyn’s Hollows Gallery.
June 15 – Aug 28, 2016
Opening and Reception
Wednesday, June 15, 2016, 6PM

Too Dark Light is a simple representation of one of the oldest and most recognized duality, ‘Light and Darkness’. The installation, consisting of wall panels are made up of digitally created pixels that reacts to light and shadow; white pixels reflects light and dark pixels absorbs shadow at both macro and micro scale (up close and from distance), but only the light pixels are able to spread through the dark pixels, animating and amplifying the light source and, thus illuminating the ‘image’ and the room (installation space).

Combining digital process with traditional method of additive color (Seurat, Van Gogh, etc), this installation will demonstrate the studio’s long research in augmented environments through graphics and materiality. The eventual product (public beta) will be the specially designed wallpaper that can be installed to different environments to augment light and shadow with potential to produce custom wallpaper and art panels for each particular use and function.

Hollows Gallery
151 Bedford Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11211