Thirty 30-minute color television broadcasts

Originally produced for the College of Continuing Education, University of Hawai‘i. Shown on public television KHET-TV, Hawai‘i, January-May 1973, and June-August 1976.

  1. Introduction
  2. Sources of Information
  3. The Body
  4. Processes
  5. Sexual Development
  6. Life Changes
  7. Love and Intimacy
  8. Cultural Influences
  9. Normalcy:  What Is It?
  10. "In the Beginning"
  11. Pregnancy and Birth
  12. Population
  13. Planning Your Family
  14. Abortion and Sterilization
  15. I and Thou - Sexual Identity
  16. I and Thou - Sexual Object
  17. Pornography and Fantasy
  18. Sexual Fringes
  19. Sexual Commerce
  20. V.D. Troubles
  21. When Illness Strikes
  22. Keeping Your Health
  23. Sex Education: Formal and Informal
  24. The Marrieds
  25. The Non-Marrieds
  26. New Life Styles
  27. Sex and the Law
  28. Sex and the Arts
  29. Sex and Ethics
  30. Recap and Summary

Series Rebroadcast

St. Louis, Missouri, KCET-TV: May - November 1975
San Francisco, California, KQED-TV: Sept. - Dec. 1976
Baltimore, Maryland, KMPB-TV: Sept. - Dec. 1976
Northern Minnesota KFME and KPGE:1977
North Dakota, KFME and KPGE: 1977
Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Summer 1978

High School Television Sex Series
(For Hawai‘i State High School System).
V.D. Troubles, 30-minute color.
V.D. Rap Session, 30-minute color.

Audio Tapes

Human Sexuality Series

Thirty one-hour audio tapes, 1975
Published by Jeffrey Norton, Publishers
(Same titles as for video series listed above.)

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