Hawai'i Innovation Initiative

Discovery and Innovation on Diverse Fronts

From life-saving medical breakthroughs in medicine and cancer, to astronomy, to oceanography, to pharmacy, the scholarship and research conducted by the University of Hawai'i impacts the quality of life on many levels.

UH research programs:

  • Develop human capital and new knowledge
  • Promote innovation and collaboration
  • Support new businesses and long-term job growth
  • Generate revenues that boost the local economy
  • Maximize the advantages of Hawai'i's unique natural and cultural heritage

Recent research news

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UHERO forecast: Hawaiʻi on steady course for 2015
Posted on Friday February 27, 2015

The University of Hawai‘i Economic Research Organization forecast predicts that Hawai‘i’s economy in 2015 will look a lot like last year’s.

Rare cancer found in Nevada likely caused by asbestos in nature
Posted on Thursday February 12, 2015

UH Cancer Center researchers found that southern Nevada counties show high proportions of women and younger residents with an aggressive cancer commonly found in older men exposed to asbestos.

Physicists find fractal patterns in pulsating stars
Posted on Thursday February 05, 2015

UH Manoa physicists are part of a team that reports the first evidence of fractal features in the details of stellar pulsations.

Study finds heavy rainfall events becoming more frequent on Hawai’i Island
Posted on Thursday February 05, 2015

University of Hawai‘i at Manoa researchers determined that heavy rainfall events have become more frequent over the last 50 years on Hawai‘i Island.

New species discovered beneath ocean crust
Posted on Wednesday February 04, 2015

UH Manoa researchers discover new microbes that may play an important role in the global carbon cycle.