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Applicant Data System

The Applicant Data System is an online human resources program that replaces the paper "Form 17" for Board of Regents appointments. The system performs functions such as:

  • informing applicants that their application has been received
  • surveying applicant sex, ethnicity, veteran, and disability status for federal EEO reports
  • tracking the screening process
  • prompting hiring units to adhere to EEO guidelines

Getting Started

Authorized users may access the confidential Applicant Data System through a secure Web Login Service window:

For more information, contact your department personnel officer.

Federal Guidelines

Federal Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (UGESP) and Executive Order 11246 (affirmative action for federal contractors) require employers to report sex and ethnicity data on applicants and employees. The information is used for statistical analyses to monitor equal opportunity for women and members of federally designated racial/ethnic groups.

Paper Form 17

Civil Service and Graduate Assistant recruitments still require paper Form 17s.
Civil Service Selection Forms should be sent to the EEO Office.
Graduate Assistant Selection Forms should be kept by the department.