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Discovery and Innovation on Diverse Fronts

From life-saving medical breakthroughs in medicine and cancer, to astronomy, to oceanography, to pharmacy, the scholarship and research conducted by the University of Hawai'i impacts the quality of life on many levels.

UH research programs:

  • Develop human capital and new knowledge
  • Promote innovation and collaboration
  • Support new businesses and long-term job growth
  • Generate revenues that boost the local economy
  • Maximize the advantages of Hawai'i's unique natural and cultural heritage

Recent research news

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Cities support more native biodiversity than previously thought
Posted on Thursday April 10, 2014

UH Manoa professor contributes to new study that shows surprisingly high numbers of plant and animal species in urban environments.

UH Manoa investigates effects of munitions disposed near Pearl Harbor
Posted on Thursday April 03, 2014

Army-funded research effort near Pearl Harbor uses SOEST technology to investigate sea-disposed military munitions.

Moth lineage provides a key to species diversification
Posted on Wednesday April 02, 2014

CTAHR entomologists discover that the moth genus, Hyposmocoma, holds insights into Hawai‘i’s vanished ecosystems.

Crew cohesion focus of second Mars simulation mission
Posted on Monday March 31, 2014

UH Manoa’s Hawai‘i Space Exploration Analog and Simulation project researches how teams of astronauts will perform during long-duration space exploration.

National Science Foundation renews UH Hilo’s $5 million CREST grant
Posted on Friday March 28, 2014

Hilo's Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science Program has been awarded a second $5 million grant for interdisciplinary study of climate change.

Hawai'i Innovation Initiative

The University of Hawai'i is building the state's research industry in partnership with the community through the UH Innovation Initiative. The university plans to drive the growth of the industry by hiring and developing top scientists in focused areas over the next decade.

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