Discovery and Innovation on Diverse Fronts

From life-saving medical breakthroughs in medicine and cancer, to astronomy, to oceanography, to pharmacy, the scholarship and research conducted by the University of Hawai'i impacts the quality of life on many levels.

UH research programs:

  • Develop human capital and new knowledge
  • Promote innovation and collaboration
  • Support new businesses and long-term job growth
  • Generate revenues that boost the local economy
  • Maximize the advantages of Hawai'i's unique natural and cultural heritage

Recent research news

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Scientists use Hawaiʻi observatories to study an exotic object
Posted on Friday November 21, 2014

Researchers study an unusual source of light in a galaxy some 90 million light-years away.

UH engineer works with the city to extend the life of Oʻahu’s roads
Posted on Monday November 17, 2014

Mayor Caldwell teams with UH engineers and Hawaii Asphalt Paving Industry extend the life of Oahu’s roads/

Ocean warming picks up speed, hits warmest temperatures ever recorded
Posted on Friday November 14, 2014

UH Manoa climate scientist Axel Timmermann believes 14-year-long pause in sea surface temperatures has ended.

Key building block of life may have come from deep space
Posted on Friday November 14, 2014

UH Manoa researchers provide compelling evidence that glycerol may have occured in space more than 4 billion years ago.

UH research center adds renewable energy focus
Posted on Thursday November 13, 2014

The U.S. Navy modified its contract with UH’s Applied Research Laboratory to add a new core technical competency in renewable energy.