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Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Office
Administrative Services Building 1
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Honolulu, HI 96822

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Online Sexual Harassment Prevention Program

The EEO/AA Office is offering this interactive web-based course for all faculty, students and staff of the UH System. The self-paced program takes about 60 minutes to complete and provides a convenient opportunity to learn about sexual harassment and how to prevent it.

Topics covered include

  • practical examples of behaviors that might reasonably be regarded as harassment
  • concepts of "unwelcomeness," "intent v. impact," "reasonable person" standard, First Amendment rights, and rights to nonretaliation and nondiscrimination
  • university policies prohibiting harassment and discrimination
  • other forms of discriminatory harassment covered by federal and Hawai‘i laws
  • roles and responsibilities in creating an academic and work environment free of all forms of discrimination

Web site

Through special arrangement, employers with no more than 50 employees may use this program for demonstration and evaluation, but must obtain a license from New Media Learning for instructional use. Visitors please select "Guest" from the start page of the program.

"Preventing Sexual Harassment" online program is used by over 200 educational institutions.


Your comments about the online program are welcome. Systems and Manoa programs may also contact the EEO/AA Office for a more in depth workshop on sexual harassment awareness and prevention.

Mie Watanabe, EEO/AA Director
tel (808)956-7077
Email EEO/AA Office