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Constructing Chinese Cosmopolitanism

October 14, 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Manoa Campus, Center for Korean Studies, Auditorium

"Constructing Chinese Cosmopolitanism: Southeast Asia, Overseas Chinese, and Xiamen, 1842-1937" by Dr. James A. Cook, PhD, Arthur Lynn Andrews Chair, School of Pacific and Asian Studies, UHM.

Located on China's southeast coast, the city of Xiamen had long stood as one of the poles of the Overseas Chinese universe. In many ways, Xiamen's Overseas Chinese became "bridges to modernity" that moved into and out of China. Time abroad within the modernizing confines of colonial Southeast Asia led many returned-emigres to feel that they alone understood the process of modernization and how to create a truly Chinese modernity. Ultimately their new discourse of modernization was constructed around the commercial wealth of overseas Chinese merchant life, integrated with a revamped Confucianism and a newly discovered historical tradition.

Event Sponsor
School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Manoa Campus

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Gay Satsuma, 956-2665,,, flyer, Andrews Chair public lecture.pdf (PDF)

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Manoa Campus, Center for Korean Studies, Auditorium
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