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MD Convocation 2013

May 12, 9:30am - 12:30pm
Manoa Campus, Kennedy Theater

Sixty-four new Hawai`i trained physicians will be receiving their MDs at the UHM Commencement Ceremony on May 11. The next day, at Convocation, the new MDs get to be together as a class to celebrate, and Convocation is always memorable because it includes touching moments in which our students will publicly express their “mahalo” to family and friends — and each other — for the support they received through four years of challenging study. Awards are granted to students in various categories, including the ALOHA award.

Ticket Information
Limited to faculty, students and student guests

Event Sponsor
John A. Burns School of Medicine , Manoa Campus

More Information
Tina Shelton, 692-0897,,

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Sunday, May 12
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Maui Campus, Maui College, Hale 218
8:30am Recreational Thrill Craft Operators Safety Educational Course - Maui
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9:30am MD Convocation 2013
Manoa Campus, Kennedy Theater
1:00pm UH Maui College Commencement Ceremony
Maui Campus, Maui Arts and Cultural Center
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