Arts Minor in Music Education

This academic minor (15 credits) provides basic training in music reading, classroom music materials and techniques, and personal musicianship. This minor degree is especially designed for elementary education and early childhood majors who wish to gain more skill and knowledge in music, and increase their musicianship. Students interested in participating in the University of Hawai'i Music Minor Program must complete an Arts Minor in Music Education Form. The student will then make an appointment and meet with Dr. Chet-Yeng Loong to discuss and agree upon a program of study.

Program Requirements

Required courses9
  • Music 253: Elementary Music in Action (3 cr)
  • Music 353: Integrating Music into Elementary Classroom (3 cr)
  • Music 454: Music in Special Education (3 cr)
Additional music courses chosen from 6
  • MUS 270: World of Music, Asian Pacific (3 cr)
  • MUS 280: Basic Theory and Aural Skills (3cr)
  • MUS 281: Theory I (2 cr) & MUS 283: Aural Training I (1 cr)
  • MUS 360: Music in Film (3cr)
  • MUS 370: Music in Modern American (3 cr)
  • MUS 421: Acting V, Music Comedy (3 cr)
  • MUS 457: Asian Pacific (3 cr)
  • * Ensembles: 311_, 312, 410_, 411_, 412, 412, 414, 416_, 419 (each one credit).
* a total of 3 credits of ensembles may count towards the Arts Minor in Music Education. Ensembles are repeatable.
Minimum number of credits 15
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