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Bi-annual newsletters were initiated by the 2011-12 Senate Executive Committee as a way to keep the entire faculty apprised of Senate business.


2015-16 Chair's Message

Chair David Ericson
Robert Cooney, Ph.D.
2015-16 Manoa Faculty Senate Chair

I want to thank all senators for their hard work in the Fall 2015 semester. These are trying times for UH Manoa and the importance of the Faculty Senate has never been greater. The issues that are described below are critical to the future of Manoa as a researchintensive university and as the flagship higher educational institution for the State of Hawaii. It is a credit to the Senate that its committees have stepped up to address these important issues from the perspective of faculty with openness and fairness. The SEC has worked hard to empower Senate committees to take responsibility for areas of concern appropriate for their purview. In particular we have urged Senate standing committees to meet regularly with relevant administrators responsible for various areas of concern and to bring forward resolutions and motions they deem appropriate in order to establish our position on record and communicate to administrators and regents the official faculty view on issues of university function. As the only BoR-sanctioned faculty governance body for Manoa, the MFS is vital for faculty to participate in determining priorities for the university. The SEC has made it a point to attend and testify at every Board of Regents meeting, as well as invite regents to our SEC meetings in order to communicate faculty perspectives on many issues. While we still may disagree on some matters, I do feel that this improved communication has had a dramatic effect on the level of understanding by regents of the problems facing Manoa. In particular a message that needs to be heard is that a university is not a corporate hierarchy and that the concept of faculty governance is inherent to both the success and longevity of academic institutions. The SEC is working hard to make this one of the more momentous years in the history of faculty governance at UH and in the process help solve some of the major issues currently facing UH Manoa.

Bob Cooney, MFS Chair


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