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Resolution on Non-Permanent Resident Faculty

WHEREAS  current university policy prevents faculty from being put on probationary status prior to the granting of permanent residency; and

WHEREAS  there is insufficient technical and administrative assistance to support new faculty in complying with USCIS regulations and unfamiliar legal concepts; and

WHEREAS  it is in the University's best interest to have faculty members focusing their valuable time and energy on teaching, service and publication, and not on immigration issues; and

WHEREAS  errors in the management of these responsibilities may produce bad outcomes for the UH and as well as these new hires;


  1. That the UH dedicate additional resources towards securing proper employment status for non-permanent resident faculty, monitoring and assisting faculty in their efforts to obtain permanent resident status;
  2. That non-permanent resident faculty be permitted and required to apply for tenure exactly as all faculty are, and be granted conditional tenure solely on the basis of their academic qualifications;
  3. That any conditionally tenured faculty member who, because of a denial of appropriate immigration status, loses the right to work in the United States, shall be subject to termination of employment and tenure;
  4. That the UHPA contract and pertinent university policies be modified in keeping with these  measures.

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