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GEC Resolution Regarding General Education

Resolution submitted to the Manoa Faculty Senate
by the General Education Committee
Regarding General Education

Whereas the UH Board of Regents Policies specify that "Units' overall plans for general education are developed cooperatively by faculty and administrators and approved by the Board of Regents. Detailed general education requirements are clearly and accurately described in official campus publications. (Board-approved core and general education plans for the respective units are made a part of this section and located at the end of the chapter)" (BOR Policies, Academic Affairs 5-12.b); and

Whereas the Board-approved "end-of-the-chapter" general education plans referenced above include, under "General Education at the University of Hawai`i at Manoa," separate "UHM Core Requirements" and "Special UHM Graduation Requirements" (BOR Policies, Academic Affairs, pp. 5-24 and 5- 25); and

Whereas the WASC standards under which UHM is accredited state that an accredited "institution's faculty exercises effective academic leadership and acts consistently to ensure both academic quality and the appropriate maintenance of the institution's educational purposes and character" (WASC Handbook/2001, The Standards 3.11); and

Whereas UHM must comply with the WASC Standards Guideline which says that an accredited "institution has a program of General Education that is integrated throughout the curriculum, including at the upper division level" (WASC Handbook/2001, The Standards 2.2); and

Whereas "It is the policy of the Board of Regents that . . . the transfer experience should be made as simple and predictable as possible" (BOR,Policies, Academic Affairs 5-13.b); and

Whereas "It is delegated to the President of the University of Hawai`i to . . . promulgate . . . executive policies that carries [sic] out the intent of this Board policy, insuring for full consultation with campus and faculty governance bodies in the process" (BOR, Policies, Academic Affairs 5-13.d); and

Whereas the operative executive policy states that "With the exception of the AA degree that fulfills admission and general education core requirements as described above, the final authority and responsibility for determining the applicability of transfer credit to specific campus requirements resides with the receiving campus" (Executive Policy 5.209, IV.B.4); and

Whereas UHM general education requirements are approved by the Manoa Faculty Senate and substantive modifications are made by the Senate upon recommendation from its standing committee for General Education in accordance with the Senate's Charter and bylaws and

Whereas the UHM Faculty Senate is the primary vehicle through which the faculty exercises its governance responsibilities; and

Whereas the UHM Faculty is committed to full participation in responsible articulation efforts; and

Whereas failure to comply with the policies and principles referenced herein is irresponsible and present an insuperable obstacle to continued UHM faculty participation; be it therefore resolved that

The UHM Faculty Senate asks the President to ensure forthwith that all efforts to develop procedures for credit transfer and articulation of courses to specific degree requirements be, from inception and development through implementation, totally consistent in fact and in appearance with the policies referenced in this resolution.

passed at 11/19/03 Senate

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