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Communicate with the Senate

Consultation on the proposed UH System reorganization

Whereas it is the policy of the University to maintain and strengthen organized and systematic involvement by faculty in decision making, especially when such decision making has potential academic consequences, and

Whereas reorganization plans both at the System level and at the Manoa campus level often have important consequences for matters of vital concern to the faculty, for academic programs and for budget policy in particular, and

Whereas, as a matter of courtesy and as support for consultative governance, the University administration should, as a matter of course, keep the Senate informed of significant administrative proposals,

Whereas in the past, the Senate has been informed of administrative reorganizations and has been asked to review them, and

Whereas the Senate must be presented with such proposals for reorganization in sufficient time to give these plans due consideration, in order to determine the possible academic impact of proposed administrative reorganizations, and

Whereas the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, in its accreditation reviews, has found and will find fault with the University if there is inadequate consultation with the faculty, and

Whereas the System administration has announced its intention to present a major system-level reorganization plan to the Board of Regents at its meetings of November 14, 2002 and November 21, 2002, and

Whereas this reorganization proposal appears, on the face of it, to have possible consequences for the direction, coordination, development and management of academic programs, and consequences for budget policy and planning, and

Whereas neither the Manoa Faculty Senate nor its relevant subcommittees, nor, to our knowledge, any Faculty Senate of the University has been consulted by the UH Administration on this reorganization proposal or even been informed of its existence:

Therefore be it resolved that:

The Manoa Faculty Senate censures the University of Hawai'i System Administration for failing to consult adequately with the Senate on this matter;

The Manoa Faculty Senate requests that the President present the reorganization plan to the Senate for review, with sufficient time for thorough discussion.

The Chair of the Manoa Faculty Senate is requested to transmit this resolution to the Chancellor of the University of Hawai'i at Manoa, to the President of the University of Hawai'i, and to the Chair of the Board of Regents.

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