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Communicate with the Senate

Preamble: The following resolution has been supported by the Faculty Senate CAPP in a 7-0 vote, on the assumption, however, that supporting documentation of the history and process of support from the UH Administration, especially the funding allocations and intentions and UH System outreach center support, and from the Hawai'i Legislature, be provided to the Senate. The final two "Whereas" points (eighth and ninth) are the specific critical ones needing such documentation,

Resolution Relating to the Approval of the Proposal for A Reorganization of the College of Education

Whereas, since its creation in 1996 from the merger of Curriculum and Instruction and Field Services, the function of the Department of Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies (TECS) has been to oversee the undergraduate elementary and secondary teacher preparation programs (BEd, BS, Post-baccalaureate Certificate, Professional Diploma, and MEdT), as well as to administer the graduate degree programs in curriculum and instruction (MEd, PhD); and

Whereas, while operating in this dual role there has emerged a need to separate the responsibilities and roles of faculty and administrators for the two broad areas of programs, thereby distinguishing between the different duties and qualifications of faculty working at distinct levels of educational training; and

Whereas, the State of Hawai'i has experienced increased need and recognition for more and better prepared teachers, requiring more faculty and resources directed to this task on all islands; and

Whereas, the proposed division of the Department of TECS into an Institute for Teacher Education (ITE-focused on undergraduate elementary and secondary teacher preparation, and the Certificate, Diploma, and MEdT), and the Department of Curriculum Studies (CS-focused on graduate MEd and PbD education) leads to a more rational assignment of duties and responsibilities; and

Whereas, the proposed Office of Outreach Programs would coordinate faculty services and distribution of workloads from the ITE, CS, and other College departments in outreach teacher preparation and graduate education courses throughout the State; and

Whereas, the allocation of new faculty positions to the ITE and other College departments will be made on the basis of greatest need; and

Whereas, the Department of TECS faculty voted unanimously in favor of this proposed division and have selected which of the new units they would prefer as their academic home; and

Whereas, the University of Hawai'i administration has shown support for funding the new Office of Outreach Programs; and

Whereas, the University of Hawai'i Outreach College and system-wide coordinators of outreach programs have shown support for the establishment of the proposed Office of Outreach Programs; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Manoa Faculty Senate recommends that the College of Education proposal to reorganize the Department of TECS into two units, ITE and CS, and to add an Office of Outreach Programs, be approved, and that this recommendation be conveyed to the University of Hawai'i administration.


Manoa Faculty Senate 15 July 2002


To: Karl E. Kim Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

From: Michael L. Forman Chair, Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee


In March of this year, a reorganization proposal- and then in May, a revised proposal - were sent to SEC from your office. The Committee on Academic Policy & Planning reviewed this material and approved a resolution to be sent to the SEC with supporting materials.

On 1 July, SEC met with Dean Hitz and Professor Frank W Walton to discuss the revised proposal. Persuaded by Dean Hitz on the need for special action in the hope that this proposal can meet BOR approval at its July meeting, SEC has voted unanimously on the resolution to act on behalf of the Senate in approving the proposed reorganization.

Nonetheless we wish to express to you our dissatisfaction with the process in this action. Timely submission well prior to the end of the academic year will ensure proper Senate reviews and avoid any need for special treatment for future cases.

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