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Whereas there is a significant nursing shortage in the State of Hawaii (e.g. 400 nurses are needed to replace retiring nurses each year, while schools of nursing in the state graduate approximately 280 new nurses each year, leaving a shortfall of at least 120), and

Whereas the number of applicants with prior degrees to the BS in Nursing program of the Department of Nursing has increased over the years, and

Whereas the "fast track" curriculum option responds to President Dobelle's request for programs to address the economic downturn following the events of September 11,2001, and

Whereas there is sufficient interest in the "fast track" curriculum option to warrant admitting a cohort of 10 students for Fall 2002, and

Whereas candidates for the "fast track" option would need to meet the same qualifications for the existing second degree program, and

Whereas both the traditional and "fast track" curriculum are the same except for the way they are delivered, and

Whereas assessment procedures are already in place as a result of accreditation requirements, and

Whereas the Department of Nursing has received encouragement from the administration in support of the fast track program (proposed budget for one year for a cohort of ten would be $187,251.00), and

Whereas, letters of support for a grant proposal that includes the "fast track" option as well as a plan to increase the enrollment of under-represented students have been received from many agencies and divisions of the University and medical services community, and

Whereas, this proposal is for a one-time cohort for Fall 2002 only, with possible continuation depending on demands for the program, demonstrated success, and continued funding; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Manoa Faculty Senate recommends that the Pilot "FAST TRACK" BS Nursing Curriculum Option for Second Degree Candidates be approved, and that a comparative evaluation of this program option be completed prior to continued implementation.

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