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Resolution on the composition of the Classified Research Managerial Group

WHEREAS faculty have previously expressed apposition to UH involvement in classified research, and

WHEREAS the University of Hawai'i does manage facilities at which classified research is conducted, and

WHEREAS in May 2001 the UH Board of Regents changed the constitution of the Classified Research Managerial Group (BOR policy 5-3(c)) from

Senior Vice President for Research and Dean of Graduate. Division Senior Vice President/Executive Vice Chancellor Senior Vice President for Administration


Secretary to the Board of Regents Vice President for Legal Affairs Vice President for Administration; and

WHEREAS research is undertaken by faculty, and research policy is a matter of faculty concern, and

WHEREAS the Managerial Group as currently-constituted has no representation for either faculty or academic administrators having direct oversight of research, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Manoa Faculty Senate recommends that the Managerial Group for Classified Research be composed of

Vice President responsible for Research Manoa Vice Chancellor responsible for Research Vice President responsible for Legal Affairs.

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