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WHEREAS the University of Hawaii at Manoa is a Sea Grant university, established to provide marine-related higher education opportunities for Hawaii's citizens, and

WHEREAS the Biology Program provides a valuable service in the form of a wide range of biology education and training experiences to students from a wide variety of disciplines at Manoa as well as other UH campuses, and

WHEREAS, there is currently no undergraduate degree in the UH system that carries the name "Marine Biology" and there is a large documented demand among high school and UH system students for a Marine Biology major and much less demand for the existing Marine Biology Track within the Biology major; and

WHEREAS, the proposed program requirements are both highly rigorous and very different from those of the existing UH Manoa Global Environmental Science (GES) BS and the UH Hilo Marine Science BA degrees; and

WHEREAS, the proposed curriculum is at least as rigorous as that of the top seven ranked marine biology programs in the country and also has some distinctive features such as field immersion, directed research and a capstone course requirements that distinguish it from the rest and should attract local, US mainland and international students to Manoa; and

WHEREAS, the proposed Marine Biology degree has the endorsement of the UH Manoa Botany, Microbiology and Zoology Departments, the College of Natural Sciences, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Marine Options Program, and SOEST's GES Program and Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology; and

WHEREAS, the proposed Marine Biology degree also has the endorsement of the Marine Sciences Program at UH Hilo, and the Marine Options Programs at UH West Oahu, UH Kauai, UH Maui, UH Leeward, and UH Windward all of which seek future formal interaction with the proposed program; and

WHEREAS, the proposed program will require significant initial and ongoing financial support including funds for new faculty, staff and equipment; and

WHEREAS, current course availability issues in the introductory biology series (Biol 171/L, 172/L) would be exacerbated by the anticipated success of the proposed program; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Manoa faculty senate recommends that the proposed Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology be approved and that the Manoa Chancellor's office provide adequate and appropriate resources to initiate and continue this program, including additional resources for introductory biology courses so that it can provide a valuable service to the University and the community.

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